“Yandex Translate” Heads Should Be Hanged On Street Lamps

Yandex P-ts Department

K: For doing nothing to update Yandex Translate with corrections to the translate algorithms. I did stop send them such data, seeing my efforts futile. Here’s notorious example.

Syria. Keratin
From: El Murid, 2-APR-2016 12:53 pm

(Click to enlarge)

Here’s translation of the first part of El Murid’s post:

In Syria announced the beginning of “the Syrian army and allied militias” supported by the air force of Russia on the city Kariatain southwest of Palmyra. The logic of offensive actions is quite obvious – the Syrians are trying to develop success at Palmyra and to take control of the South-Western part of the Syrian desert to the border with Jordan. Keratin looks obvious target for this task.

Let’s put aside the fucked up names of towns, cities or villages – e.g. Kariatain, Keratin, Kargatane, Charlatan, Qaryatayn, Al-Caratlane, al-Kharatian, El Charlatan etc, instead of Карьятайн = Karyatayn.

Here starts the bugger translation.

Under “allied forces” refers to all the same bands Hezbollah, Hazaras and, apparently, the Russian “atamatov”.

But it should have other words, what is obvious for the aforementioned text – now, offensive, wrong and fucked up.

This “allied forces” refers to all the units of Hezbollah, Hazaras and of course, Russian theirs-there-not (ikhtamnetovs/ikhtamnets)

Hazaras – Persians, Iranians

The ikhtamnet(ov/s) expression gained pretty great popularity lately. It’s less funny as it’s bitter to the core. This pure Russian invention, reflecting Russian culture – ихтамнетов, ихтамнет – translated freely, means theirs-there-not. It emphasizes all the lies of Kremlin and epitomizes all pathetic lies of Supreme Mnogohodovochek aka President Putin The Liar.

In a fit of good humor you might say that

Ikhtamnets are contemporary subjects of
Russian Faraoh Ikh-Tam-Net of present KGB dynasty

New Faraoh Ikh-Tam-Net


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