“There Will Be War”

Novorossia War Department

K: Givi spitted out few “corrected views”, alas. Anyway, he knows what he says. So, he said what he said.

“There will be war”, — Givi about the situation at the forefront and the advent of VSU (VIDEO)
From: Russian Spring, 01.04.2016 – 23:51

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Every day the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic is shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They are already preparing for a full-scale offensive. But the soldiers of the DPR army are on full alert. Now on the front lines of defense, along with other battalions are soldiers in a separate assault battalion “Somalia”.

With their commander Mikhail Tolstykh talked Donetsk TV channel “Union” production team. Givi told about the situation on the frontline and about the possible offensive of Ukrainian occupation troops.

Another great General Alexander Suvorov said: in war prepare for peace, in peace, for war, that the fighters separate assault battalion in Somalia a period of relative truce, and lost no time in preparing for a possible enemy offensive. Now in a rather difficult situation, some soldiers arrived to the front, and staunchly defending the borders of the Donetsk national Republic.

“You know perfectly well that the situation is heating up, some lines we have increased, and some lines threw strong battalions, which on their own will be able to hold the defense. At the moment, a separate military unit assault battalion is at the forefront in one of the areas of DPR, hold and prepare for defense”, — said the commander of “Somalia”.

Mikhail Tolstykh said that the attack of Armed forces of Ukraine will be done, obviously, but the soldiers of the Army DPR will continue to hold their positions and patiently wait for the order, fulfilling the Minsk agreements.

“Ukraine just won’t get Donbass. There will be a war, I think most likely Yes, but maybe not. All hope for the Minsk agreement, but we perform them, but the Ukrainian side refuses to fulfill them”, — said the commander of “Somalia”.

The Ukrainian military continue to enter into settlements that are in the buffer zone, they regularly shelled positions of the army of PR and houses of civilians. Heavy weapons not withdrawn in full swing and violate the Minsk agreements.

“The Ukrainian side enters the “grey zones” where not allowed to enter, they do not perform any of the Minsk agreements, heavy weapons not withdrawn, this has been proven many times.”

The situation in the Republic remains tense, but the Army of the DPR is ready for a possible enemy offensive.

Residents to those front line border areas fully take on themselves that “truce heavy caliber”.

“We are ready for any standard and non-offensive action by the armed forces, the army is ready to defend our borders and we hope that in time, all of the former Donetsk region will be fully Donetsk People’s Republic” — concluded the commander Givi.

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