Shelling For Fun?

Kremlin Betrayal Department

Don’t care about the shelling of Donbass. Most importantly “Palmyra’s ours”
From: Eduard Communist, April 1st, 0:08

(Click to enlarge) While on TV we talk about “fraternal and brotherly Syrian “Allawitians” save “valiant” Russian VKS and “they-there-not” from “Donbass which nobody promised anything”, March 31 experienced one of the darkest days. According to a friend of the militia, such shellings of Donbass have not been seen since August of last year. Really the hardest fires at the region were done by Putin’s partners. Will give some reports from there. And I’ll start with the recording of Alexander Zhuchkovsky.

During several hours of heavy artillery shelling, Ukrops did attempts on all sections of the front line of Donetsk-Yasinovataya-Gorlovka. They applied the largest calibers. It is unclear what is connected with such a density of fire, but the cannonade does not stop even for a minute. Don’t remember such heavy shelling for several months. It is unknown the number of casualties and destruction during these hours, but I believe that suffered a lot of people. Our has led contra battery fires, but full suppression of the fire was not provided yet.

Alexander Zhuchkovsky

“The arrival of shells of a special power to shake all the districts of Donetsk, the city is plunged into chaos and hell. Listen to these sounds! This was not the winter of last year, when our took debaltseve. Ukry dropping them, something very heavy and this is clearly not the simple Sauske and mortars.”

Messages from locals: “Donetsk shakes. Airport, Sands, Gabishevo, Spartacus, Marinka, Avdiivka and groan under continuous artillery terror. Ukra and the militia poured each other so as not put a year and a half! Over the Yasinovatsky post is unbearable roar, carrying glass and frame. Gardena – Makiivka: it’ll be fun technology has gone to the rally point. Somewhere technique goes, good strong, it seems to be a continuation. Yasynuvata: a very loud and powerful. Just back from the balcony he saw a flash of a shot from the Town and after a pretty bad fall on ABP.In Gorlovka batch in zaytsevo is gaining momentum. Throughout the Northwest lay the mortars.”

Summaries from the militia of Novorossia

Makeevka shakes like hell! Stop writing notes about passports, we are now here to be kill! Write the truth about the battles, damn it! It just p***ts! Ukry share out bullets like hell! Yasinovataya, Makeevka! From Avdeevki shots, flash. Thrash in a stream, large calibers. Close! This is really exactly what year it was gone. At the same time hear the volleys in Khartsyzsk, Yasinovataya, Makeevka and Donetsk, (almost all areas). District ACHS is there a “hodgepodge”, and the departures and arrivals, and larger caliber, AGS, mortars, small arms. The war on serious. The breaks have just been at the airport from howitzers. And the window for a moment reminded of jelly. Makeevka takes, the sound arrival like last time when landed on the East (now there’s a fire). Kalininskaya – something whacked not weak, trembling on the floor and the creaking frames. Donetsk – voroshilovka sees explosions in (…) from the North”. Lenin hears the heavy reverberation. Windows crack. Avdeevka-ABP – is a very hard fight. With what shoot – it makes no sense to list-with all the guns, mostly heavy. Gorlovka: the battle continues, the intensity increases, the area of Zaytsevo, the noise, the southwest as hell, and the side of the Yasinovatsky post block heavy thunders”.

Summaries from the militia of Novorossiya

Review. I think that’s enough summary. Complete information on them can find out by going into the tablet, “Reports on Novorossiya’s militia”. But is confirmed by written sources. Still by the way the shelling did not stop, although a little faded. What is surprising, on the idiot box (TV) about them barely speak. Donbass under fire, people are dying? All this do not care. Most importantly “Palmyra’s ours”.

Concerning the possible offensive of Ukrops, I think it is not time yet. Now they just will not come. When they are, will write later. While I think the attacks are connected primarily with their attempts to dislodge from the Kremlin new concessions. For example, to force Putin to agree to change the boundaries or tolerance “peacekeepers” of the OSCE or the UN in the Donbass. That’s why I don’t really believe in the coming of Ukrops in the next two to three months exactly.


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