Exclusive DONi TV interview with Vice-Commander of ‘Prizrak’ in Lugansk frontlines

Friday, April 1, 2016 – 20:34

DONi News team visits ‘no-mans land’ between Lugansk and Ukrainian armies with Prizrak (Ghost) commander Markov, who gave this exclusive interview in English to DONi Donbass International News Agency on 30.3.2016.

Two unarmed unit commanders, “Doc” and Markov, from famous Prizrak Brigade, which is part of Lugansk Army, escorted us between the front lines and they showed us the fortifications of Ukrainian army, where Right Sector flags was placed over the positions. We saw them, and they saw us, but no shots were fired and the situation was calm in the time of our exciting visit.

On no-mans land signs of brutal battles are clear to be seen. We avoid mines and documented terrain, which maybe have not ever been documented by any journalists – but with confident commanders we just walked there and spend maybe an hour between combat forces.

In LPR positions Markov told us the general situation in Northern part of Donbass defense and his views – how the war in Donbass is seen by the well known commander after almost two years of experience.

So, is Prizrak ready for new victories if the situation in Donbass keeps again escalating from today’s trench war?

Journalist: Janus Putkonen, Chief Editor of DONi News Agency
Camera man: Roman Gnatyuk, Assistant-journalist: Katerina Katina

DONi News Agency


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