Tulips, Pions And… Minsk-2!

Novorossia Hope Department

I didn’t correct the translation but you’ll understand.

Summary of the war correspondent with the call sign Bella Ciao.
From: Andrey Chervonets, March 30, 21:34

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The past day has remained the opposition of the defenders of the Donetsk People’s Republic with the Ukrainian punitive forces, who continued shelling of peaceful cities and villages. This time in the night of 28 to March 29, the APU shelled the Kievskiy district of Donetsk. Street Kochubey was recorded arrival of an armor-piercing projectile. He was in house number 84. Explosion and burning did not happen by luck, but hit the roof of the outhouse. At this time the house was occupied by a girl of 16 years. She survived by a miracle.

From the positions of the Water-swallow heavy cannons all day with small breaks was carried out the shelling of Yasinovataya district. There were reports of hits on peaceful neighborhoods. Information about the attacks comes from the residents of the Town who are tired of Ukrainian occupation and wait to be released. They report that from Avdeevka APU beat from “Peony” Tulips and” in the direction of Yasinovataya. Once their testimonies will become strong fact in proof of the Ukrainian aggression in the East. There is no doubt.

About the plant, where the fortified positions of the Ukrainian army (and recently here deployed a tank platoon and self-propelled artillery of the enemy), a special subject. There is unverified information that the DPR army is preparing another “pot” – Avdeevka. It would be good. But today, this challenge to the defenders of the Republic is not worth it.

Here is what the army DPR with the Callsign “Gray” said:

“To really take Avdeevka in the ring, should come from the North. First you need to take Konstantinovka, and from there move South. The task is daunting. Add to this the fact that heavy machinery is the aggressor stands on the heights of Avdeevka, where you can shoot at Donetsk, quickly turning into ruins the whole Kiev area and part of Voroshilovsky. So the fighting with the enemy are forehead to forehead. No entourage, I mean “pot” will not”.

And for awhile the defenders of Donbass have to act on the situation, to avoid large losses of manpower.
However, those are the enemy’s plans. And they are actively discussed. Not far from the Town in the Sands held a meeting, which was attended by commanders of the Ukrainian units deployed on this front. All commanders and chiefs from the arrived inspectors have received valuable guidance.

In exploration the army DPR the officers arrive in Peski (Sands) is associated with a marked intensification of the enemy on this part of the line of fire. The instructions handed out by the inspectors, apparently, also directed to ensure that the firing positions of the army DPR and the outskirts of Donetsk from the settlement Peski was growing stronger.

There was upheaval in the West of Donetsk. Again fired at the settlement of Trudovskaya in the Petrovsky area. The shells hit the houses on the street Green guy. Morning near this place the enemy was spotted the drone, which led the exploration. But he was spotted and shot. The drone began to decline and began to smoke.

March 29 all day continued fierce fighting near Gorlovka. The shells of the APU fell in the area of the plant in the settlement Golmovsky. Tears were audible in the village of zaytsevo in the North of Gorlovka, worked small arms. Here just shelled 20 private houses on the street Poletaeva, Rybalko, Kondratenko. Night shelling of the village Jovanka continued. The inhabitants of the Northern districts of Gorlovka spend their lives in basements.

In the meantime the Ukrainian side in the build-up of military forces.

According to intelligence DPR, there have been a concentration of 10 SPGs of 152 mm calibre and three MLRS “Grad” in the settlements Peak to the North-West of Gorlovka (14 km from the front line) and Zoryaniy in Donetsk area (12 km from the contact line). In addition, marked the arrival of up to 180 fighters of nats battalions in a Peaceful village South of Donetsk (11 km from the contact line). The Kiev government is interested in punitive battalions like “Right sector”, “Aydar” was created from thugs and criminals, constantly waged terror and fired at civilians.Otherwise, they will head to Kiev and will start to settle scores with the government. And so, the war will continue.

All data on the transfer of Kiev weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements were handed over to OSCE observers and the representatives of the SCCC. But the notorious observers, I think, as always, will show the deafness and blindness. They in most cases prefer to ignore violations of Minsk agreements by Ukraine.

It was restless and in the South of Donbass. Shelled the village Sahanka Novoazovskiy district. Ukrainian units in the evening released on it 10 min caliber 82 mm. Fire was conducted from positions in the occupied Shirokino, the enemy used grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms.

Recall that the village of Shanka is situated in the South of DPR, near Shirokino. In the summer of 2015 a fire here was destroyed more than 30 homes, disrupted electricity and gas. Repeatedly there were cases of injuries and deaths of local residents from the fragments of the Ukrainian shells. However, local authorities have repeatedly stated the armed forces of the Donetsk national Republic in Chance never was.

In the area of Debaltsevo was taken of a sabotage and intelligence group (DRG) of the Ukrainian troops. Early on the morning of 29 March at the railway station Debaltsevo were heard tearing the mortar min. the alarm was raised By the units guarding the area Debaltseve of the Donetsk railway. Group of fighters of army DNR moved along a railway siding, along the way examining and the surrounding area.

Two kilometers from the train station had traces of falling into the railway track two min caliber 82 millimeter. The explosions damaged rail and ties. “Handwriting” saboteurs indicates that they have a light mortar. It is also possible that multiple instances of such weapons, together with some other means for the device of the diversions were previously hidden at different points, whose location is known diversionno-prospecting group.

Similar tactics of Ukrainian saboteurs was already used in Donetsk and Gorlovka. It is also possible that shooting on railroad dead end, the Ukrainian DRG checked the combat readiness of their funds to see whether they will fit against a more important facilities.

Thus, the activation of the Ukrainian army and its mercenaries continued along the whole front. Everywhere the aggressor received a response from the army of DPR. The situation continues to deteriorate, and when it reaches the boiling point, no one knows.

There are some fears that the Ukrainian army is preparing to apply combat aircraft. Thus, Ivano-Frankivsk tactical aviation brigade received four restored front-line fighter MiG-29 and two combat training aircraft L-39. When they are used in battles in the Donbas is not yet known.


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