“Don’t Believe In Putin!”

Russian P-ts Department

Don’t believe in Putin!
From: I write to you… (amfora), 30 Mar, 2016 at 2:20 AM

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I write that I don’t like Putin, so all his successes are trying to make out a trick, a deception, a facade, in short – are challenging’m biased.

You are absolutely right! Exactly!

How else am I supposed to treat the President, who:

1. Worked in a team of Yeltsin and was nominated them for the presidency.

Putin worked in the Yeltsin team since 1996, i.e. over 4 years. And consistently promoted until he made President. Promoted associates of Yeltsin – Chubais and Berezovsky, and previously Sobchak. And some others.

Try to answer the question, would supporters of Yeltsin to promote and make the President a man who did not share their views?

What I heard was that Putin was deeply secret agent of the KGB, which put Yeltsin. Version is interesting, but I think it is doubtful. If the KGB was so steep that the team lied to Yeltsin and put him a man whom none of Yeltsin’s allies could not “crack”, why not Yeltsin was removed in 1996? Why not dropped in 1993? Why is it allowed to bring down the USSR?

Okay, let’s say.

But here’s the next fact:

2. Putin in 2015-the year was opened by the Yeltsin centre.

The Yeltsin centre is a Museum Yeltsin, the most expensive of Russian museums built in the last decade. While money for its construction were allocated from the budget. And allocated them Putin and Medvedev.

Here is why to do, if Putin, as some have argued, is struggling with the legacy of Yeltsin?

Yeltsin has already died, he was buried, as President he left 15 years ago – why did he build such an expensive Museum?

And why Putin had to personally be at the opening?

Just out of respect?

Out of respect could be Sand or some other flunky.

3. Putin and Medvedev are staunch followers of Yeltsin.

That is why they personally were at the opening and said kind words to the address of EBN.
Until that allocated $ 4 billion budget (!) money for the construction of the Museum.

No they are not fighters with the Yeltsin legacy.

Simple methods of Putin and Medvedev, others. Yeltsin was erratic leader, has made Grand gestures, sometimes very ill-conceived. And Putin and Medvedev is a smart couple. They simply act as careful and measure seven times before you cut. But we are moving in the same direction.

Transformation of militia to police, the transfer of the army on service under the contract, an independent accumulation pension, paid education, and much more – all in the spirit of the policy of Yeltsin, Gaidar and Chubais.

Much of what is done under Putin, was planned in the 90s. Translate the army on service under the contract Yeltsin to 2000-th year promised. Just then realize I couldn’t. And Putin implemented.

Putin and Medvedev are implementing everything that was planned under Yeltsin, just not doing this fast and fun, whooping and hooting, and slowly and sadly, with a very Patriotic expression.

4. Putin specifically holds in the government of Medvedev and other liberals.

If Putin’s goal was to move away from the liberal course, to create a government of national trust, to policy reforms and the economy – opportunities for this were rife.

In 2008, when Putin became the head of the government, he could completely renovate the team.
This would be understandable, logical, timely. Did he do it? No.

In 2012, when Putin again became President, he again was able to dismiss all the government together with Medvedev. But he also did not.

Later in 2015, when Russia was faced with serious economic problems, on the agenda again was to change the economic and political course, but if not change, then at least correction. But what did Putin? Stated that he trusts the government and nothing is not going to change.

In total Putin has had at least three moments when the change of government was purely logical. Three possibilities. And no he didn’t use it.

What does this mean?

This suggests that Putin or nothing to change and is entirely dependent by the President – in this case, it is actually strange to associate his name with some success and hope. Either he doesn’t want to change anything and the team of liberals in the government are completely satisfied.

And no need to say what he wants, but he’s not allowed.

5. Bad king boyars in the way.

If the sovereign is unable for 15 years to remove from power those who prevent him to develop the country – so it’s not the Emperor, and reptile.

That’s why I despise Putin because if he was completely satisfied with everything – then he’s just Yeltsin’s last-and no more. But if he wants to change something, but cannot – then he is a jerk, puppet on a string, small dog on a leash at elite.

And don’t say he fights and wins.

No fighting Putin with the liberal environment is not in sight.
It has never happened that the king fought with the boyars and the head is not flying right and left.

For 15 years, someone who already had to win, if indeed there was a struggle. Moreover, three times presidential elections have been. In the event of a real fight it would have been noticeable during the elections.

But in practice, no fighting imperceptibly, during each election, power is consolidated and Medvedev and United Russia support Putin, and Putin in the elections to the state Duma supports United Russia.

6. Putin – part of United Russia.

He is not a party member, but he is a part of it.

It is part of the system, which is called United Russia.
He appoints all the members of United Russia, although not obliged to do so.

Show me the veto, Putin has imposed on any law passed by United Russia.

Even Putin himself was the Chairman of United Russia.

And the whole guiding device, formed by 99% of the members of United Russia, all the so-called “vertical” is the result of Putin’s personnel policy. And the frames, as is known, solve all.

So all the corruption that affects our power – is also the result of Putin. Even if it is not specially bred of corrupt officials, but he protected them, he has looked at corruption through his fingers, he supported the party, where embezzlement of public funds almost spelled out in the Charter.

Putin is part of the system. No exception, not a fighter with her, not a reformer, and a part of it.

It is therefore not restated the results of privatization, not the rise of the case of the 90s, introduced a progressive tax. For the same reason Russia does not peel off from oil dependence.

So Chubais is already under Putin has safely complete their work on the privatization of the energy system of the country and is now working on other interesting things.

Can just remember the proverb:

What is a pop – and this parish.

7. Putin 15 years silently watching the destruction of the education system.

The education system is the most important thing in the country. Army, police, state security, agriculture – everything is secondary to the education system.

Because if the education system produces ignorant graduates of schools and Universities in 10 or 20 years in the army, militia, police, and state security bodies will serve as ignoramuses, incompetents and moral monsters.

Look at Ukraine – its current state is largely the result of the destruction of the Soviet system of education. Ukraine has received the generation that knows nothing about the economy, don’t know their history and believes everything that say on TV.

The worse educated people – the faster it will believe all sorts of nonsense – the magic euroassociation, the need to sever economic ties with Russia, and then build a fence on the border and the like.

There, only not as fast, moves the Russian education system. School is already producing the so-called “victims of CSE”. Universities have begun to rank according to the criteria of business income, and not on the criteria of quality of education and values of graduates.

Putin doesn’t know that?

Or knows, but cannot influence?

Don’t believe that he cannot influence. Doesn’t want to. Or doesn’t know how, because he is illiterate zavklubom, who all spent my youth between the club and the judo section and has no idea how to work the education system.

Similarly, he does not have the slightest idea about the economy.

8. Under Putin the Russian economy has become more commodity than before.

The dependence of the Russian economy from commodity exports over the last 15 years has grown exponentially, and its own production rather decreased.

And it is not necessary to indicate superduty is a drop in the bucket, especially because they are hardly Russian. But completely domestic Il-86 is gradually replaced by Boeing and Airbus in recent years.

A huge number of factories were closed or reduced not in the 90’s under Yeltsin, and under Putin zero. Because it was more profitable to engage in oil and gas than production.

You can give many examples – I usually cite the example of a closed in 2008 Alawatugoda. It was the only producer of tin in the country. It was closed because of losses caused by decrease of volume of orders on the one hand and rising domestic raw materials on the other.

Who understands what is tin – he understands, which means a reduction of volume of orders for it within the country.

This means a massive reduction in the production of electronic and electrical products.

This is the 2008-th year, the most Putin.

And such examples may be multiplied, in various spheres. The plants that survived under Yeltsin, was closed and declined under Putin. And what is published on the website “Made us” is basically a small brick factory or plant for poultry processing.

One or two times a year the news shows the discovery of a real plant. But it’s a drop in the ocean. Because one opens and closes ten.

In Russia you need to have one large plant per day just to stop the decline of industrial production. Not a year and a day. Who does not believe – read: one plant per 1000 jobs a day – that’s 365 thousand jobs a year that need to build or completely renovate just to stop the decline. This is the minimum!

But is the man “yesterday for a dollar received 32 rubles, and today for the same dollar we get 45 rubles,” can you count, how much to build plants in Russia to stop the decline of industrial production? Hardly. He already 70 rubles for the same dollar – that’s progress!

By the way, about tax policy – at a recent Congress of the RSPP President said that tax cuts need to determine what to cut pensions, social benefits or anything else. This man does not even understand that tax cuts can give the production growth and the budget incomes by increasing the tax base, reduced dependence on imported goods, as a consequence will decrease the demand for foreign currency and ruble will be strengthened.This is not to mention that the entire small business that exists in the country, pays less taxes than Gazprom, a decrease of taxes for small business does not create significant risks for the budget. But for zavklubom it’s too complicated of a matter. It’s not judo.

But if the President knows nothing about the economy and education, may be he is good in international politics and military Affairs?

Let’s take a look:

9. Under Putin, Russia has lost Ukraine.

Yeltsin separated the Ukraine from Russia formally, and Putin had separated her actually bringing the relationship to a state of military conflict.

And not everything should be blamed on the Maidan.

What did Russia to Maidan?

Why Russia for 15 years gave Ukraine discounts on gas, loans, investments, placed orders, the total amount of tens of billions and in the results of the conflict?

Why the state Department spent on “supporting democracy” in Ukraine 5 billion (that is ten times smaller than Russia) and won?

Where were the security services, diplomats, NGOs in Russia?

Why in a country where the vast majority of the population speaks Russian, the Americans managed to deploy the policy in their favor?

10. What happened to the Donbass and Novorossia?

Two years ago in the spring half of Ukraine was ready to return to Russia after the Crimea.
It was absolutely real.

Was one, was a version of the recognition of independence – the options were plenty.

Of all the options was chosen the worst – Donbass is divided into two halves, one of which still lives under the shelling in the status of unrecognized republics with completely uncertain prospects. To return to the Ukraine for LDNR bad option, especially as even Kiev a special status refused to provide. And the independence of Russia itself does not recognise.

As a result, was not anti-Russian half of Ukraine, as it would be when creating a new Russia, and all Ukraine. And Donbass is also configured extremely controversial.

But Crimea?

But at what cost?

In fact, the Crimea took the cost of loss of Ukraine, at the cost of tens of thousands of lives in the Donbas, the price of a million refugees.

Crimea took the price discrimination of the Russian people, which is divided into “the right of the Crimeans” and “wrong Shakhtar”.

And someone wants to call it an achievement?

That’s why I’m extremely negative towards Putin.

So am biased towards Putin, questioned all his actions and all I see a little bit achievements a trick, a deception, a facade or cover over a Grand failure.

Because he prosiraet all that is possible and what is not.

Industry, which was the remnants of when Yeltsin finished off.
Education, which remained from the Soviet Union is finished.
The economy began to recover in the beginning of zero – drowned in raw materials.
Relations with Ukraine are wasted, took the Crimea – handed over the Donbass.

And after all that, I should think that the capture of the Palmyra – Peremoga, which will certainly be followed by victory in Syria, and then to come running to us? Or just all of Europe?

Remind me, what happened after the defeat of the armed forces of Ukraine in Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo?

In Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo were also wins – no less than in Palmira. Number of destroyed enemy’s victories were a lot more.

And then what?

After Ilovaysk, when the Ukrainian armed forces retreated so hastily that it was possible immediately to take Mariupol, left almost unprotected, instead, declared a ceasefire and signed the first Minsk agreement.

After debaltseve, when the APU once again was on the verge of defeat, and Kiev was concealed the facts of the boiler and huge losses again declared a ceasefire and signed the second Minsk agreement.

And you want to say that after all this, I have to believe in the inevitable victory for Putin in Syria, Ukraine, Europe and worldwide?

15 years he prochiral, ruined relations with Ukraine, divided in two in the Donbas, the destruction of the enemy in Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo used for signing agreements that are not implemented so far – and now in Syria will be any different?

In Syria that are fighting the USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar will be different?

Ukraine, in which the vast majority speaks Russian, Putin gave the Americans, and Syria will be pulled from under everyone’s noses?

Can’t believe it!

That’s when this miracle will happen – you show it to me and I admit I was wrong.

And while the wondrous miracle did not happen – I might think of Putin as a dependent policy, a doll in the hands of the elite and a complete jerk.

And I doubt in all his undertakings, and in any the slightest degree the achievements I’ll look for a trick, a deception, a facade or cover over a Grand failure.


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