The Hell With Putin, The Hell With Russia, Long Live To Novorossia!

Novorossia Department


Time to put an end to the issues on and around Putin. Information stream about degradation of Russian state and chaos that perhaps carries truths but repeated umpteen times becomes pure crap if not a drivel. The same fate will meet Russian & Kremlin induced general information p-ts, e.g. concerning Putinomics and Russian economy led by Putin’s cronies, oligarchs and liberasts. Enough is enough. Whether you will like it or won’t I am to change my priorities for this blog. How deep and in what direction I’ll think it over soon.

It’s high time to stop broadcasting all the news and analyses about Putin. His not unpredictable, just contrary. Everything he does it fulfills the definition of His Big Task during his rules nowadays – read my sticky post every time you’ve come here for the next portion of “fresh news”.

I’ll try to inform about Novorossia and only if serious events have happened.


The battalion “Somalia” urgently transferred to the front
From: DPR24, 2016.03.29, 21:13

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This morning, the network appeared an article about how OGSB “Somalia” turned base in Makiivka (Makeevka, Makeyevka).

What happened in reality?!

But in reality, happened the fact that “Somalia” is back again on cutting edge. In the course of recent events and all kinds of violations of the Minsk agreements by the enemy, in the face of VSU and everyone who helps them in the composition of PMCs and volunteer units.

The division is committed to the task, namely the observance of the Minsk agreements and the preservation of the territory of DPR.

To achieve further goals, it was decided to use the entire battalion, with the exception of prohibited weapons (Tanks, Howitzers, Mortars).

After the reconnaissance, the fighters led by Commander took the entrusted area at the borders of the Donetsk People’s Republic, with an inherent optimism and willingness to perform any tasks.

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Older News

Unit “Somalia” reshapes in a separate assault battalion
From: DPR24, 22-09-2015, 13:39

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In the army of the DPR created a new division for a separate assault battalion, which will report directly to the Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko. The new battalion will be formed on the basis of the famous group “Somalia” that during the fighting has proven itself in that capacity. The battalion commander has already been appointed “hail resistent Givi” Mikhail Tolstykh.

Most of the soldiers proved themselves during the fierce battles for the complex of the Donetsk airport, Debaltsevo, Ilovaysk, etc., where he gained experience of assault fortified objects, near and street fighting.
At their disposal new battalion will receive the equipment that best fits the specifics of the action. Including heavy personal armor soldiers, high saturation radio communication inside of the assault groups and an increased number of heavy infantry weapons.

The training will also be different from standard. In addition to increased attention to physical training, an important element will be to develop skills and coordination of actions Hiking assault teams and cover technique in terms of interaction at short distances, as well as in street battles. Separate emphasis will be placed on actions in buildings.

Thus, the new assault battalion will combine the best practices and traditions of combat troops Somalia with the full consistency of the institutional army.


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