Novorossia Today – Putin’s Verdun, Somme, Ypres 2.0

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Verdun, Somme, Ypres – World War I = war and battles of attrition
Peski, Zaytsevo, Yasinovataya – XXI century “Slaughter Approved” stamp from Kremlin…

In the footsteps of “Verdun meat grinder”
From: vol_majya, March 29th, 23:20

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The phrase “Verdun meat grinder” is known to everyone who is interested in military history. It is at Verdun – a small town in the East of France one hundred years ago there was the largest and bloodiest battle of the First world war, which has become a meat grinder for German and French soldiers, Verdun and its surroundings turned into a mass grave for hundreds of thousands of people from both armies. (…)

Let’s talk about fortification
From:, 29-Mar-2016, 16:48

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Material Vladimir Orlov about the quality of the fortifications of the army DND in the area of Yasynuvata interchange.

Several days ago, I published a response to the events related to the shelling of Russian journalists in the area Yasinovatski post. In particular, we are talking about the post near the road junction between AVDEEVKA and YASINOVATAYA.

I have concerns that this post in respect of engineering equipped with gross violations of the governing documents, in addition I allowed myself to accuse the head of the engineering service corps of incompetence, as most positions on the line of contact be kept with violation of the requirements of “Instruction in military engineering was put into effect by order of the commander of Land forces No. 67” and “Battle of the Charter regarding the preparation and conduct of combined-arms combat”. (…)


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