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“Opposition block” wants to unite DPR and LPR in “MTO Donbass” and return to Ukraine at the head with Akhmetov and Boyko
From: DPR24, 2016.03.30

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On uncontrollable by Ukraine territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, Ukrainian MPs propose to establish Inter-regional Territorial Union (ITU) of the Donbass (from Russian: Donbass MTO) with its Parliament, the Executive Committee and elected President.

The relevant bill registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The authors of the document, which was introduced on March 24, were 6 people’s deputies from the faction “Opposition bloc”. Download document archive: Mezhoblastnoe-territorialnoe-obedinenie-Donbass.rar [43,9 Kb]

The bill States that the ITU (MTO) will have an independent system of public administration and “special legal status” in accordance with the Constitution and legislation of Ukraine on local self-government “with regard to the peculiarities of formation of bodies of power, defined for this area”.

“The highest Executive authority in the procurement Donbass has Executive meeting the ITU Donbass exercising Executive, rule-making, Supervisory functions and powers within its competence. Executive meeting MTO the Donbass headed by a President, elected for a term of 5 years, “reads article 7 of the document. In V. 12 it is noted that the Executive meeting shall consist of 75 deputies.

The bill also provides for the election of the chief procurement Donbass for a period of 5 years and regulates its powers. Also provides for the existence of the Executive Committee, the MTO of Donbass. (…)

(Click to enlarge) To the left: Lugansk, to the right: Donetsk

(…) Among the “exclusive powers of the Representative Assembly” refers to the “decision on granting special status on a par with the state language, Russian and other languages of national minorities”, as well as giving consent for the approval of heads of power structures and adoption of structure and number, as well as coordinating the activities of the “people’s police units for the protection of public order”.

Also referred to “the matters of trans boundary cooperation aimed at the development, strengthening and deepening neighborly relations between territorial communities, local authorities MTO of Ukraine with administrative-territorial units of the Russian Federation”.

Head of MTO Donbass, according to the bill, among other things, “represents the interests of the MTO Donbass in foreign economic and trade relations, concludes agreements on cross-border economic cooperation with the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, other countries and other administrative-territorial units of those States”. He is also empowered to submit proposals on the structure and strength of the “people’s militia units” and is “the subject of contractual relations with the Central bodies of Executive power” and represents the MTO Donbass in relations with state authorities and local self-government of Ukraine.

The text of the bill provides for the appointment of the elections on the territory of Donbass procurement on 25 October 2015, indicating a much earlier document.

Earlier it was reported that Petro Poroshenko during a visit to Kramatorsk stated that businessman Rinat Akhmetov may participate in the elections in the Donbass and if he wins, then, according to Poroshenko, will be able to lead the “certain areas”.


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