New Putin’s Lords of Novorossia II

Novorossia Hope Department

K: It’s good we have free media, it’s good I wanna “press” the posts with corrections. A little hoity-toity? Perhaps. But this year is going to be decisive for Russia. If the goals are for real I see bleak pictures of Novorossia and Russia, not to mentioning their future…

Crimean land handed out to Ukrainian oligarchs
From: Eduard Communist, March 30th, 7:48

(Click to enlarge)

This is a picture of Rinat Akhmetov, the richest man of Ukraine. Who became one of the causes of the rebellion of Donbass. And now he, along with other Ukrainian oligarchs such as Putin’s godfather Victor Medvedchuk, according to the investigation of RBC, received land and a dacha in the Crimea. That is, the Crimeans joined Russia to Ukrainian oligarchs and on the Crimean owned land? In fact in the life of Crimeans, nothing has changed. Instead of some Ukrainian oligarchs, the Russian came. But others, like Akhmetov, remained in place.

But in General I more and more doubt that Crimea is ours. If it was ours, the Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB and other Russian banks would open their offices here.

The same applies to the various oligarchic campaigns. Instead, Gref openly allows himself to assert that the Bank did not open its representative office in Crimea until the Peninsula will not return to the Ukraine. Based on this, I once again convinced of the veracity of the information my Moscow source, who claimed that secret negotiations about the return of Crimea to Ukraine is already underway. And in order the partners won’t get angered, they decided to get back them back the former Crimean land. And this is only the beginning of the future of the sell-out of the Crimea.

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