How To Make Stand Against Meanness of Russian Power(s)?

Russian Media Department

K: In my mind it is interesting (point of) view on Russia. Short summery, lively and in a concise form.

The first Russian Congress of People’s Journalism
From: volk1_donbass, March 30th, 2016, 10:58 am

(Click to enlarge) “The first Russian Congress of People’s Journalism on April 15-16, 2016, Moscow”

Russia is in deep crisis — in economy, humanitarian and social spheres, in politics and in the international situation.

Deformation and disintegration of the living matter of the state and people begin to seem fatal and irreversible. Errors, infirmity and deceits of the authorities increasingly appear as a threat to their own state.

The official institutions of agitation and propaganda, Central TV and the state media are painting a deplorable reality, give failures for a victory, sad sack and the for winners and heroes, the lie for the truth, the incapacity for leadership, meanness and betrayal — for the nobility, and the coming collapse is inevitable for development and progress. We are surrounded by total deception and stupidity, cynicism, Commerce and conscience by the pen.

All authority is trying to praise itself, but the Russian leadership has lost all sense of proportion.

Feedback between society and the powers are totally lost. The power and the people seemed to live in different countries. The country’s leadership has lost the adequacy and the ability to see the truth, and therefore the ability to act professionally. As a result of information and manipulative efforts of the authorities, the country was deaf and blind.

So, the live goes on. Wrong. Unjust. The devastation must be overcome – in the first place in the heads. The role of the media in this is indispensable.

There is a truth of life. There is information about it. Is it the media: bloggers, journalists, experts, creative people, active citizens. They are all over Russia. They are in Novorossia, in Ukraine, all within our big historical homeland. There is an online environment for communication and interaction with each other. You only need to combine our efforts to defend the truth and bring it to society and to the government itself.

– How to raise the shield the new ideas of salvation and transformation of Russia?

– How to achieve this? How to build a system of public journalism, to support each other in terms of aggression, propaganda pressure, censorship and false information war?

– How to unite all who love their country and who sees its movement into the abyss, who understands the hopelessness of the cosmopolitan liberal model of the country and its ruling regime, its current leader, his Pro-Western team, their policies and practices?

– How to join those who see Russia other — humane, moral, fair, working, successful and respected in the world?

– How to unite to Russia was freed from usurpers and became really different?

All these issues will be discussed at the Congress, to find a form of Association of public journalism, to organize and to act. (…)

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