“Crimean Concerns”

Crimea Department

Crimean concerns
From: politnotes, Mar. 22nd, 2016 at 12:00 PM

(Click to enlarge) Kerch bridge

That question of Crimea is finally closed, senior Russian officials said repeatedly. However, a number of events makes you think about what the real plans of the Kremlin in relation to the Crimea.

The last few weeks was marked by an upsurge of diplomatic activity of the West in the Crimean issue. Discussion convened a closed meeting of the UN Security Council and EU openly encouraged States of the UN to join the Crimean package of sanctions against Russia. On 9 March took place the visit of Peter Poroshenko in Ankara, during which he agreed with Erdogan to coordinate their efforts in the Crimean direction.

It is difficult to say exactly which twists and turns had disturbed a Kremlin, but Putin’s meeting with permanent members of the Security Council on 17 March, Crimea was suddenly rendered for discussion, along with Syria! In the past this happened only once – in August 2015 Putin held a security Council meeting in Crimea, where the view discussed the situation on the Peninsula. After that a separate meeting of the local militia held secret of the security Council Nikolai Patrushev, and until recently this topic on the security Council were not brought. Even when the Ukrainian “activists” started share transport, and then energy blockade of the Crimea, it was not considered sufficient reason to discuss this issue at the security Council. Why’s that?

In late February – early March in Crimea happened a number of incidents involving arson of cars in the night time. However, special attention to these incidents in the Russian media were not involved. Now suddenly, according to Patrushev, it turned out that in the Crimea there is a threat of destabilization of the political situation, which undermines Kiev in tandem with Ankara. In the course swells the story of the attack in Kerch, clearly, and about time illustrating statements Patrushev. Well top of the picture, the press Secretary of the Russian MFA Zakharova started making excuses in the style of “Not guilty I, he came himself”, proving that Moscow Crimea was not taken away, he, allegedly, has made its choice.

Perhaps this is just another manifestation of hardware games between the security agencies of the Russian Federation, competing for a revenue stream. But a reasonable question arises: why now? Why even full energoblok Crimean Peninsula in winter was the reason only for stupid jokes on the web, and now for no apparent reason Crimea appears on the security agenda of the country?

As mentioned in an old movie, I was plagued by vague doubts…


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