“A Big Punch Awaits Putin” Is Being Reported…

Kremlin Defeat Department

Both Anatoly Nesmiyan (El Murid) and Paul Graig Roberts (PCR) are capable to read between lines. They know media techniques of brainwashing and hiding truth from populations.

But it does not mean that they are impartial or without secret agenda. For example.

PCR eschews direct criticism of Putin for what he did or did not, both in domestic arena and on international scene. PCR always supports his analyses with “facts” (as he calls them) about, it is to be precise, what Putin says during his expose or official meetings. Yes! Those words of Putin are facts, but nothing else, e.g. what’s behind them? BTW. Moscow wants so much to get along with Washington that it sells-out everything the US asks for. Not a fact yet? What about Donbass then, Mr. Roberts?

Another popular journo – El Murid. He dodges Israeli topics. What about Israeli direct “actions” against Russian Air Force in Syria close to the Jordan border? What about destroyed Russian weapons in Syria in last few years? What’s going on close to Jordan and Israel border on Syrian territory? Does Israel keep still spa, hospitals and recreation centers for the US based militia?

But what’s more important is El Murid constant criticism of Putin, just as in this post of his. Russia needs strong position on unchanged bases. Any conferences where the US may force results over Russia are dangerous for safety and national interests of Russia. Why El Murid is so loudly whining that when Russia did not participate she might be accused for manipulations and being irresponsible to other partners (God!, what partners – main enemies of Russia!):

– “If the Kremlin refuses to participate and defend their position in such a serious area, remains just one step from accusations of Russia in mankirovanie the system of international nuclear safety, and then inevitably the question becomes: can we trust a deranged partner on the possession of nuclear weapons and technology?”

What’s the El Murid’s agenda in terms of Russian nuclear defenses? Would he like to weaken Russia using Putin to the goal? It stinks here! Not for the first time El Murid set red alarm in my mind.

Another point. Putin’s brazen lie machine erases from Putin’s “victories” any mentions about Hezbollah and Iran forces. Not to rile Israel? Or there’s a secret agreement on the issues? What Russian army’s doing in Syria now, after Putin’s agreed to the “peaceful road of negotiations for Syria”? Those RF units are not enough to win all (or reinstate Syria as in 2011), but enough to be kicked in the ass. Putin signed his consent for federation for Syria. Plus Assad President, but US Prime Minister. Didn’t Putin envision scenario when Russia would be forced to run away from Syria? Does Putin want to create reality in Syria alone? He can’t, so why he lies and fakes his petty “victories”? He’ll stay in Syria up to the US presidential elections? To smoke screen sell-out of Donbass and Crimea before the US elections?

In other words, a short question – what the fuck mean those “facts” (or facts)?

From: El Murid, 30-Mar-2016 01:43 pm

(Click to enlarge)

Russia refused to participate in the nuclear security summit. The reasons why there was failure, announced the Foreign Ministry:

“…to date, the political agenda of those summits has been exhausted”. — In the preparation of the summit in 2016, the organizers have fundamentally changed the concept of the event, proposing to develop a kind of “instructions” for the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA), the Global initiative on suppression of acts of nuclear terrorism, and the UN, Interpol and Global partnerships, told “Izvestia” in the Russian foreign Ministry.— It is obvious that such recommendations, whatever the formal status they are worn, will attempt to impose the views of a limited group of States referred to international organizations and initiatives to bypass their own mechanisms of political decision making…”

Here we recall a recent interview with Obama in which he announced that Russia would not participate in the elaboration of the international agenda. Does not allow the current status. Refusal to participate in the summit only confirmed sorely the falling prestige of Russia in the international arena. This is the TV we talk about unprecedented growth and confident stride. In reality, with us just no longer considered. We entrust the dirty work instead of white civilized people – say, clean up after them in Syria or in Ukraine, but serious conversations with us are less and less.And our position this only helps.

The logic of the Kremlin – don’t go to the summit, as there will be to impose the views of the international organizations, so we are going to boycott – it looks extremely flawed. Just because Russia is a member of these international organizations. And if in our absence will be accepted the recommendations and instructions, in fact mandatory, as a member of all these organizations, Russia will or to do, or to ignore and go against a consensus opinion of all these organizations.


It is worth noting that we are talking about nuclear safety. If the Kremlin refuses to participate and defend their position in such a serious area, remains just one step from accusations of Russia in mankirovanie the system of international nuclear safety, and then inevitably the question becomes: can we trust a deranged partner on the possession of nuclear weapons and technology? It is clear that in this case begs an answer: “Come and take” – but what’s the point in empty space to create tension where it is possible to do? (…)

How They Brainwash Us
From: Paul Craig Roberts, March 30, 2016

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How They Brainwash Us

Paul Craig Roberts

Anyone who pays attention to American “news” can see how “news” is used to control our perceptions in order to ensure public acceptance of the Oligarchy’s agendas.

For example, Bernie Sanders just won six of seven primaries, in some cases by as much as 70 and 82 percent of the vote, but Sanders’ victories went largely unreported. The reason is obvious. The Oligarchy doesn’t want any sign of Sanders gaining momentum that could threaten Hillary’s lead for the Democratic nomination. Here is FAIR’s take on the media’s ignoring of Sanders’ victories: http://fair.org/home/as-sanders-surges-cable-news-runs-prison-reality-show-jesus-documentary/

We can observe the same media non-performance in the foreign affairs arena. The Syrian army adided by the Russian air force just liberated Palmyra from ISIS troops that Washington sent to overthrow the Syrian government. Although pretending to be fighting ISIS, Washington and London are silent about this victory on what is supposed to be a common front against the terror group.

It has been left to the Independent (http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/why-is-david-cameron-so-silent-on-the-recapture-of-palmyra-from-the-clutches-of-isis-a6955406.html), RT (http://www.globalresearch.ca/russia-questions-the-wests-silence-on-syrias-strategic-victory-against-isis-in-palmyra/5517194) and the Mayor of London to break the silence.

What the Washington/London silence on the victory tells me is that Washington still intends to unseat Assad. The most likely reason for Secretary of State Kerry’s trips to Moscow is to try to work out a deal in which Washington accepts the defeat of ISIS in exchange for Moscow’s acceptance of Assad’s removal. The neoconservatives have not lost control of the Obama regime, and they remain committed to removing Assad for the benfit of Israel. Moscow wants to get along with Washington, and if Moscow is not careful about trusting Washington, Moscow will lose in diplomacy the war it has won. (…)

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