They Chose Syria and Putin, Not Novorossia and Russians

War in Syria Department

Russians against Russians in Syria
From: etoonda (etoonda) wrote, 2016-03-29 14:01:00

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On the side of Bashar al-Assad

In September 2015, when the Russian military campaign in Syria, in thematic communities “For Assad” in “Vkontakte” began to receive hundreds of messages of volunteers to go to fight in Syria. They were asked: what skills are required, what salary, how to get to Baghdad. The girls were asked whether doctors and nurses.

Most of the messages looked like this: “Get the contacts to go as a volunteer to Syria in PM”, “going to Syria to serve under contract, the experience of combat is b, himself from the Donbas LC”, “want to go to Syria Kurds help find out how” “dismissed from the armed forces, I want to go to Syria to fight”. Some of them answered from some “Russian Orthodox squads”. Talk about the trip to Syria promised the person in “Vkontakte” only one friend — Alexander Barkashov (Russian national unity founder). (…)

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