Putin Is Blind, Oligarchs Are Blind, Only Blind People See

Russian Plundery Department

“The state ceased to Fund the centers for blinds”
From: Open Town, 2 hours ago

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Volokolamsk rehabilitation center for the blind and its affiliates in Biysk and Zheleznogorsk, which are adopted annually for training more than 600 people, from April 1 to suspend work because of lack of government funding. The Director of the centre Sergey Stepanov told Rus2Web about the temporary closure of the organization and its debts before housing and communal services to 24 million rubles.

Our rehabilitation center for the blind since 1999 and exists on subsidies from the state. Before that it was sponsored by the VOS (the all-Russian society for the blind — approx). For the past 17 years we have not had any problems with the money they received regularly, which gave us the opportunity to work in peace without worrying about money.

At the end of December 2015, the management of the centre as usually prepared all the documents in the Ministry of Labour to obtain new subsidies, and in January it became known that it will cut: new government decree, according to which we still have only half the amount that we receive each year — instead of 139 million roubles to 69.9 million. These funds will be sufficient for six months. But us and this amount is not transferred till now. We have not received a penny of funding under the new scheme, because there is no agreement with the Ministry of labor, and when it will be is unknown. For its part, all the documents we submitted.

On 10 January we were visited by a group of people for rehabilitation, 86 people, and keep us their was nothing. As a result, we worked one shift, two and a half months, on a loan — now you need to return the money to housing and communal services and suppliers of products. We have accumulated bills for the maintenance of medical equipment and transport. In addition, during this time we have not been paid. Total amount of debt is about 24 million rubles. Now we have sent students home center. Our teachers of the 1st April will go on furlough until issue will be solved by subsidies.

However, the resumption of state funding also does not solve the issue of the work of the centre and its branches in Biysk (Altai region) and Zheleznogorsk (Kursk region). Even if we reduce any programmes remaining from the grant money is not enough to contain the three institutions. We need to pay utility bills, buy food, medicines, to pay the salaries of the teachers of the center. Us 139 million was enough difficult, and what can be done for the sum twice less? The most logical in this situation —to eliminate center and bring it to a close. However, this would deprive people with disabilities the assistance they need: other major centers that would work on rehabilitating the blind, I don’t know.

For us the decision to reduce subsidies was unexpected, throughout the country we are talking about an accessible environment, the attitude to the disabled, and reducing spending on them. We at the center are doing meaningful work, for the most part come not disabled children, and postneoclassical, people who previously could see and used to learn information about the world visually. We prepare them for independent living, to navigate in space, to take care of themselves. This is an important and hard work won’t make sense to do it halfway.

We wrote about the problem in all instances, are: the presidential administration, the government administration, the Federation Council. Us so far none of them replied. In addition to the state budget other funding sources we haven’t been able to find: the VOS, which helped our organization before, there is no money. Therefore, we will continue to push for the resumption of funding from the state.


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