“Palmyra – The Liberated Necropolis”

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K: Somber remarks in the flood of Palmyra successes, Putin’s cunning plans and victories, and the political heavy losses of the USA. So, I’ve stopped to repeat the bugger of much vaunted victories in Palmyra from now on.

Palmyra – The Liberated Necropolis
From: Eduard Limonov, March 28th, 17:50

(Click to enlarge) From: Palmyra liberated

Well that repulsed the ancient stones of Palmyra by the Caliphate. Bravo! UNESCO and pretty.

And smile at the Hermitage, Piotrovsky pens rub.

That’s what was liberated as “city of Palmyra”, is not true. Was there a city in this ancient oasis? Well, not exactly has been that way since eighteen hundred. Wikipedia says “a small Arab village” before coming there the Caliphate.

Dictionary Le Petite Larousse says about Palmyra as “the city of necropolis”.

Ruthless Arabs have smashed the pieces in Palmyra in 634 AD and before that it killed previously in the year 273 Romans under the Emperor Aurelian, not to be confused with the Emperor-philosopher Marcus Aurelius.

So yesterday, Syrian government troops liberated the historic open air Museum, the city cemetery.

But actually of course it’s nice to beat even the city cemetery.

The jihadists of the Caliphate have no respect for monuments of the past, they run with dilated pupils for the future.


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