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K: Wonderful play of words. My transliteration (but not my idea!) of Russian ИХТАМНЕТ to Ikh-Tam-Net, what it means “Theirs/Those-There-Not”. 🙂

Exchange point Ikh-Tam-Net
From: volk1_donbass, March 29th, 2016, 01:43 pm

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Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko, who was sentenced in Russia to 22 years for the murder of Russian journalists could be converted on few Russians, informs “Interfax”. Among the alleged options — exchange for Victor Bout and Konstantin Yaroshenko serving sentences in the U.S. The defendant’s lawyer Mark Feigin said that while he knew nothing about such arrangements, but added that he would be only happy for such possible exchange.

So, how come the exchange according to Fegin? Russia is not in Donbass, but the maniac Savchenko judged by Russian Federation for military and civil crimes committed by her in the Donbass.

USA isn’t in Ukraine either, but the exchange will be done by two countries, allegedly not involved in the genocide of the DPR and LPR. And we would like to ask Putin and his partner Obama: “And we do not bother you?

Perahps you somewhere in other places ought to exchange their citizens, e.g. ikhtamnets and ukronatsists fighting for the interests of their bastard leaders, and the Donbass would be left alone and given them opportunity simply to live?”


Savchenko offered to exchange bout and Yaroshenko
From:, Today, 08:29

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