Is CIA Micromanaging Russia?

Russian P-ts Department

The terrible information war against the Guarantor
From: Maxim Kalashnikov, March 28th, 2016, 11:41 pm

(Click to enlarge) From Editorial Cartoons on Vladimir Putin and Russia

I have certainly read Peskov’s warning of coming information war against the Guarantor. But up for now the West published about the same thing found in “Novaya Gazeta”. Or what was described in the times of the grandma Sale. No materials for maps of property ownership, dummies and agents, accounts in foreign banks has not yet appeared. Nothing like Navalny movie about family Seagulls, has not yet been filmed.

But I wonder: has developed special services of the USA all these years the ruling elite of the Russian Federation? Whether collected information on them using a wire of the global “Echelon”, all these systems of interception (by Snowden) and cryptography? Has received information from its agents in the Russian “elite”?

We were told that during the Cold War 1 info intelligence of USA (NATO) has been monitoring the movement of even the smallest units of the armed forces of the USSR, knew by the voices of all the pilots of our air forces.

Interestingly, but did the intelligence of the adversary here, as carefully as Russian “elite” divided spoils from the country and took out the loot abroad? As they were distributed among them property? Masked as the ultimate easily-received-beneficiaries through a network of shell companies and proxies?

We’ll see. If all this is not, we can draw two conclusions:

– either the Western intelligence agencies are severely degraded;
– or they were not happy to the veil of secrecy and cryptography that was created by intelligence agencies of the Russian Federation.

However, the only intention of Parselmouth of the First Person of the Russian Federation in the press shows that the calculations for the good pleasure of the West can be overcome fighting with ISIS in Syria, clearly does not pay off. It was to tackle the Donbass and Novorossia issues. And not to be distracted by nonsense. Because it is impossible to build strong Russia and to reunite the Russian people, not spoiling the tight relations with the West at the same time.


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