Four Apocalyptic Owners Of Novorossia

Kremlin Betrayals Department

What was agreed between the U.S. and Russia over Ukraine, you know 4 people
From: e-news

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Only four people know all the details of the agreements between Russia and the USA concerning Ukraine, which were reached during the recent visit of Secretary of state John Kerry to Moscow. Meeting in the Russian capital allows with cautious optimism to talk about the possibility of Americans pressure on Kiev to enforce the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

About it told the Russian political analyst Oleg Bondarenko.

“Kerry has certain powers to affect Poroshenko. In contrast to Berlin and Paris, after all, what sounds from Washington, Kyiv hears, so the question is whether Kerry wants to push the decision. And it already the competence of only those people who are aware of these arrangements.

I understand that four men – Vladimir Putin, Vladislav Surkov, Victoria Nuland, and, in fact, John Kerry. No one else knows what was agreed in those negotiations.

…we hear statements about Kerry’s support of the Minsk agreement. And it is, in fact, the project of federalization of Ukraine who would not say that. So, you need to understand – there are other ways of solving this problem is simply not physically exist.

If not implemented the Minsk agreement, it would be a problem not only for Angela Merkel and françois Hollande, but also for Barack Obama, who in November will be elections. Of course, this success or failure will matter for the race in the States”, — said Bondarenko.


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