“Why Putin Is Destroying the Strategic Missile Forces?!”

Kremlin Betrayals Department

Why Putin is destroying the strategic missile forces?!
From: Illigitimi non carborundum blade!, Mar. 22nd, 2016 at 3:19 PM

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What is the start-3 and how it is critical for Russia? Why Russia signed it in 2010?

Us says Viktor Esin, Colonel-General in retirement, candidate of military Sciences, Professor of the Academy of military Sciences of the Russian Federation

More: http://vpk-news.ru/articles/24008

“I will not become critical for national security the fact is, if Russia by 2018 will not be able to achieve parity with the U.S. in numbers of strategic offensive arms. On the basis of conducted by the Russian expert community estimates seem quite reasonable to keep in the strategic nuclear forces (Strategic Nuclear Forces) of Russia by that time 530-570 deployed carriers (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and Cruise missiles) and about 1550 deployed warheads. The structure of this shock groups might be: 300-320 deployed RK (missile system) with ICBM equipped with warheads 900-940; 11-12 SSBNs (Missile submarine strategic purpose) 176-192 deployed SLBM (Ballistic missile submarines) and 530-560 warheads on them, deployed 54-58 TB (Heavy Bombers) with a charge for them 54-58 warheads.

There is no doubt that by 2018, the U.S. will be 700 deployed carriers with 1550 warheads. In addition, Americans will receive more than the Russians, the so-called breakout potential of strategic offensive arms. But this superiority will not have a significant impact, because the return potential, none of the parties of the Russian-American Treaty start-3 will not be able to use it. To February 5, 2021 – after the expiry of the term of the contract – Russia in any case will approach the bar in 700 deployed carriers, which they have.”

Great of course, our dear Colonel-General Esin, peering intently into the ratio of the number of nuclear weapons against the USA, but it is strange that he completely forgets that outside of the U.S. nuclear Arsenal still have a few NATO countries and their allies.

France over the years not only have not reduced their nuclear arsenals, but also managed efficiently to increase it, to carry out prohibited nuclear tests. England also is in no hurry to reduce its strategic nuclear forces, and in 2010 embarked on their modernization. Israel, which formally in NATO is not included., over the past 20 years not only has not reduced its nuclear Arsenal, but increased it to 3 times. Developed, tested and put into service the latest missiles, Medium and short range, and has created a unique ICBM Jericho-3.According to the official report, which was submitted to the US Congress in 2004 stated the possibility of the launch of this rocket on a range of 11500 km in the mass of military equipment in 1000 kg. Guess who helped the Israeli scientists to create all these technological innovations?

But, says Mr. Esin, to worry us about, we have Putin! (…)

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