“Why Are You Ruled by Thieving Morons?”

Russian P-ts Department

Why are you ruled by thieving morons?
From: Max Kalashnikov, March 26th, 2016, 11:03 am

(Click to enlarge) Why Russian TV stupefy populace? Because there’s no time for education! Putin! Putin! Putin!

Maxim Kalashnikov

One spectator “ROI TV” seeing our report from MEF, said: “so many smart people there, and somehow come to power then Gorbachev, then Yeltsin, then the current pack of thieves”. In fact, why?

The answer is very simple: we, the geeks of logical thinking is in the minority. And the rest is mindless ruminants. And since 1991 in the Russian Federation ruling (and only Russian) class of looters was withdrawn a special breed of “electorate” (it’s not the people, namely the population, the electorate), wherein:

– stupidity (lack of logical and critical thinking);
– schizophrenia (splitting of consciousness);
– ignorance;
– incredible passivity and apathy.

On IEF hosted the conference “From quality of life quality of population”, the results of which the Director of Institute socially-economic problems Russian Academy of Sciences Vyacheslav Lokosov summed up. In short, this is the case: the level of education and intelligence of the main mass falls. According to the polls it turns out that the most seemingly hates the current economic course, but adore the head of state. That is, there is a splitting of consciousness, schizophrenia, dementia, and on a massive scale.

People – bad, but they are in no hurry to go on mass demonstration to protect their economic rights, as do the citizens of France or Britain. They are not going to read the economic program of different forces and understand the essence of what is happening, to think about what to do. Lokosov expressed very carefully, Aesopian language, I translate into ordinary language. He said that the phenomenon of peacefulness and calm for the people of the Russian Federation in the conditions of crisis and suffering amazing that this is evidence of adaptation of the population to the crisis. But the price of such adaptation was the drop in the quality of people is their low level of education, lowering the mass of intelligence and progressive apathy, passivity.

This is the answer to the question. (…)

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