Russian Troops Are In Novorossia!

Novorossia Department

Putin’s press Secretary: in the Donbass there are no Russian troops, but there is joint and several Russians
From: DPR24,

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A huge number of Russians have a deep sense of solidarity with the residents of Donbass, who have a firm intention to protect their security. This was stated press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation.

“On Donbass there were no Russian troops. Whether at the Donbass Russian citizens? Were. Are there any out there? Is. You know about the huge number of Russians who have a deep sense of solidarity with those who live in the Donbass. And surely you are aware of the mood, which is among these people, “said Sands in the program “Right to know” on TVC channel.

Developing the thought, he noted that this sentiment is “fear of those who are in real danger from the armed forces of Ukraine”, and also “nationalist brigades and divisions”.

“Unfortunately, it’s real. And (there is) a firm intention of these people to fight for their lives and defend their safety”, — said Peskov, explaining that in this case he’s talking about the residents of Donbass, “which, incidentally, are citizens of Ukraine, which Ukraine itself alienated”.

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