“Putinism” In View Of Some Russian Bloggers

Russian P-ts Department

From: bergen_rus, Mar. 24th, 2016 at 3:54 PM

(Click to enlarge)

Left: For Russians of Crimea

– 2016 electric cables: 13 km in 2.5 years
– 1942 electric cables: 23 km in 47 days

Right: For Russians of Donbass

– 2014-2015 humanitarian aid: 36 000 tons in 10 months
– 1942 humanitarian aid: 118 000 tons in 1 month

K: Sorta demagoguery and propaganda as the data can’t be matched. Anyway mobilizations, size of aids and support are different due to the typical Russian pizdets implemented in Russia by Kremlin. No wonder some beg for New Stalin (and just and stringent “broom” to clean Kremlin).

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