New Adage – “Round Basurin”

Novorossia Drivel Department

For how long one must repeat the crazy mantra – “armed forces of Ukraine are preparing to attack”? Bla. bla, bla,… Instead of “round Robin” we’d start to say “round Basurin”. This man is as culprit in genocide in Novorossia and pure form of MF as his commanders in Kremlin.

DPR. The armed forces are preparing to attack in three directions
From:, 26-Mar-2016, 15:12

(Click to enlarge) Eduard Basurin

The armed forces of Ukraine are preparing to attack, as evidenced by the increase in the concentration of troops near the line of contact, delivery of fuel and ammunition.

About it today in Dokuchayevsk the journalists said the Deputy commander of the corps of the Ministry of Defence DPR Eduard Basurin.

“The General trend suggests that Ukraine is preparing for the start of hostilities. The concentration is increasing yesterday – the Head about it said. They’ve imported a large number of fuel and ammunition,” said ZamKomKorpus.

He stressed that preparations for the beginning of hostilities the occupiers are in three directions — Mariupol, Donetsk and Gorlovka. “At some point the concentration increases, some decreases for it was not clear which side will begin to be fighting,” — said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

Basurin added that the militants of Kiev today for the implementation of offensive operations hampered by bad weather conditions in the region. (…)


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