Does Putin Wait To Have Ready New Divisions In The Western Military District Before Striking at the US Colony of Ukraine?

Kremlin Betrayals Department

Alexander Zhuchkovsky about the situation at the front
From: od_novorossia, March 25th, 2016

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Unfortunately, my current situation already does not allow, as previously, in detail to write summaries and to freely comment on the situation on the fronts and inside the republics (this is not associated with the repression or pressure on me, and the situation of the soldier and some important tasks in the DPR).

However, now I see the need to briefly Express their opinion about a combat situation, or rather about people’s reactions to this situation. I read the comments and hear the conversations (especially in Makeyevka, where the last day of serious aggravation) – people panic, believe that they are defenseless, and if attack the enemy, chances are no. This is especially difficult to hear from the locals.

This is a false opinion. Reason to panic I do not see. Yes, our main claim to the authorities of DPR and the Russian Federation that they are not protected from shelling residential areas of Donetsk, Makeyevka, Dokuchayevsk and many other cities (not to mention the settlements adjacent to the separation line), i.e. went for a “truce” in a losing situation. But our units do 80% of everything to suppress the artillery fire of Ukrainian terrorists (to operate on 100% disturb “Minsk agreements” and the European controllers of these agreements). That is, without our counter battery fire in the same Makeyevka today came would be ten times more shells and injured many times more people. And so everywhere.

As for the current aggravation of the situation on the fronts, this is the fourth or fifth time after last year’s “truce”, when Ukrainians are increasing shelling hard and provoke local skirmishes. If we talk about the probability of occurrence, this exists already half a year – for doing a full DB the APU long full readiness on all fronts. The current aggravation is obviously associated with another political crisis and understanding by all parties, to agree on anything will not work (nor about the “special status”, neither on elections, nor even the ceasefire).

I can confidently say that this month the Ukrainian side has done everything to provoke VSN (K: Voyennyie Sily Novorossii, aka NAF (Novorossia Armed Forces)or AFN (Armed Forces of Novorossia)) retaliatory offensive action. Ukrainians were made to do this many steps (up to a conscious alignment of columns and redeployment of personnel actually in an open area, causing the blow to “easy prey”), but to no avail – VSN respect of defensive tactics, offensive though plans exist and are being worked out in case of a complete breakdown of the “Minsk process”.

The main point I want to say – the situation is complicated, heavy, but not catastrophic. There is something to defend and respond, and believe me – the enemy suffers losses is certainly not smaller than we are. I don’t read Ukrainian sites, but they say that Ukrainians in panic – “they did not respect the truce, separatists have brought down on us the rain of fire”, “every day we are losing the best sons of Ukraine”, etc.

They say that the situation will qualitatively change this year. Maybe Yes, maybe not. I don’t want to predict and comment. There are things that we can do nothing (so there is no point to lose heart and panic), and there are things that we do in the forces. Here we are doing. Because “do what you must, come what may”.


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