Creating Unemployment Under Putin’s Rule

Russian Economy Department

The plant “Radiopribor” will be declared bankrupt and passed to the DMZ, the workers are threatening to go on hunger strike
From: PolitSturm, Mar. 24th, 2016 at 9:35 PM

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The plant “Radiopribor” will be declared bankrupt and passed to the DMZ, the workers are threatening to go on hunger strike

Meanwhile, the “invisible hand of the market” continues to finish off the remnants of Soviet industry. Now it is the turn of the seaside and of the defense plant “Radiopribor”, who now have to go through bankruptcy and become a branch of JSC “Dubna machine-building plant” named after Fedorov”.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the employees of the enterprise for a long period of time simply do not pay wages.

In the words of the chief of one of shops of factory of Alexey Penkin,”more than a thousand people do not receive a salary for the past eight months. The initiative group from among our team is ready to announce a hunger strike to draw the attention of the leadership of the country to the position of the company. Entire order want to give “Dubna machine-building plant”. However, if the enterprise will be left without the order, the factory can simply be closed”.

But no amount of “hunger strike” of workers, not force the capitalists to change their situation for the better, because if the workers themselves 8 months patiently worked “for nothing”, then why would the bourgeoisie in General to pay attention to their opinion? To get them to pay attention to, could the strike or the strike, and it is necessary to thoroughly prepare.

In the end, the situation on the “Enterprise” is already typical for the Russian industry, including defense, under the current government focused on the sale of raw materials capitalists.

Also, all this is a typical example of a passive patient behaviour of workers who still believe in the myth of “good leadership that will save them”.


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