Tragic News For Donbass! Putin And Kerry Tend To Finish Novorossia!

Kremlin Betrayal Department

Oil for indemnity or how to ruin the country for grandmothers of oligarchs…
From: Eduard Communist (eduard-456), March 24th, 22:06

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Leakage from the halls of the talks of Kerry and Lavrov:

Russia was offered to forget the past “wrongs” of her “partners” from UkroReich. Immediately recognize and to implement Minsk agreement up to mutually canceling all financial claims, to provide assistance to non-retribution support to UkroReich in the amount of $ 15 billion, and to provide an interest-free loan for the restoration of Donbass – to the Government of UkroReich – establish “good-neighborly” status (of relations).

Thus, the United States will sign the agreement with the Saudis to freeze production levels of oil at the level of January 2016.

On recognition of Crimea not a word.

Evgeny Shabaev


This information on your page was in VK published by the well-known publicist and public figure Evgeny Shabayev, who has own sources in Foreign Ministry. To the sadness of Eugene, he also reported some details which suggest that Putin has virtually agreed to all. Now he’s only talking about the amount of indemnity only.

For example, Putin would like to reduce the number of tribute to Ukraine. Kerry also demands from Putin so the Russian company directly participated in the restoration of the Donbass and did not transfer money to Kiev. In addition, according to the Minsk agreement, it was requested to agree to all terms of Ukraine and immediately pass the border to Ukrops. If this is so, then the thing of Donbass is in very bad situation.

In fact, today Putin can sign a full and unconditional capitulation what would allowed the US to sign with the Saudis the agreements about freezing of oil production. What means soon the Donbass awaits real zachistka (ethnic cleansing) of unwelcome population done by Ukrops. Well, minimum about 200-300 thousand at least, for sure they will be cleansed.

By the way, Kerry promised Putin a “pleasant surprise” from a red suitcase, whose contents he was interested in. Most likely the suitcase kept dirt on Putin and his fellow oligarchs. And if my guess on this is correct, then the Donbass now is just “kaput” (in Russian khana, хана). And there is the threat, that Putin will agree to any demands of the USA and Ukraine. Among them he may let Ukro punishers onto the territory controlled by militias, ostensibly to provide security for the election.

P. S. Please pay attention to the main photo. How Kerry holds the hand of Putin and leads him away to the side. And remember reaction of Raul Castro, when Obama wanted just a pat on his shoulder. That’s the difference between a politician independent from dependent.

Next news

The negotiations drag on, Putin is trading
From: Eduard Communist, March 24th, 23:11

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MOSCOW, 24 Mar — RIA Novosti. The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova reported on her page in Facebook that negotiations with participation of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the head of Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov and the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry can take a while.

“And we here very long today,” she wrote, posting a photo of the Kremlin.

RIA Novosti


Naturally the negotiations delayed because Putin is trading and wants to reduce the indemnity. You need to pay Ukraine for its disgraceful and unconditional surrender. Which today can be signed by Putin.

I already about it wrote today. In General, the Donbass is finito (kaput, finished), apparently. Putin will meet all requirements of Kerry and will pass the region to the Ukraine before the presidential elections in the United States. So Kerry flew to Russia in order to hasten the capitulation. But here’s a Russian World, it’s for you for the protection of our fellow citizens (compatriots), that you do not leave them. Such abominable betrayal the World History has never known. Betrayal by party nomenclature of the USSR really can be compared with the betrayal of present Kremlin’s officials in Donbass. Now the poor people await real repressions. Many will be sent to “conclagiers” (concentration camps), and many will be quietly killed. And all thanks to him.

What’s in the Box? Putin, Kerry Trade Jokes About Mysterious Briefcase
From: Sputnik, 21:51 24.03.2016(updated 21:53 24.03.2016)

(Click to enlarge) © Sputnik/ Iliya Pitalev

Kerry Leaves Moscow With ‘Better Understanding’ of Putin’s Decisions
From: Sputnik, 02:08 25.03.2016

(Click to enlarge) © Sputnik/ Eduard Pesov


On Ukraine, both the US and Russia agree that the Minsk Accords must be fully implemented.

“We have indeed pledged to ensure that Donbass, that the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk [DPR and LPR], implement what they and their representatives signed under in Minsk,” Lavrov said.

Once fully implemented, Kerry said the US will roll back sanctions on Russia.


Overall, Kerry called the discussions “very constructive.”

Addendum I

Lavrov calls for using specificity of US-Kiev relations to fulfil Minsk-2 accords
From: TASS, March 25, 4:58

(Click to enlarge) Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, © Mikhail Metzel/TASS

“Unfortunately, this roadmap is not fulfilled so far,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said

MOSCOW, March 25. /TASS/. Russia and the United States have confirmed that there is no alternative to the Minsk-2 accords on the Ukrainian crisis settlement, but they have some disagreements over their practical implementation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday after Russian-American talks.


Moscow hopes that “the same as in the case with Syria, pressure will be exerted on all the sides in the Ukrainian crisis.” “Taking into account the special US relations with the Kiev government, we hope that their specificity will be actively used to encourage Kiev to fulfil the commitments it signed,” the Russian foreign minister said. “And we really committed ourselves to ensure the fulfilment by Donbass of the accords signed by their representatives In Minsk”.


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