Ukrothugs Want To Burned Down Novorossia Towns As The USAF Did To German Cities During WW2

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UkroNazists plan to burn the Donetsk with flamethrowers. DPR Army prepares the boiler
From:, 20-03-2016, 20:31

(Click to enlarge) Translation: UkroNazists don’t surmise the fire is burning under their boiler.

Intelligence DPR reports that Kiev is preparing to conduct offensive battles in the city. According to the head of the intelligence service of the DPR Eduard Basurin, the Defense Ministry of Ukraine ordered 5 thousand engines for rocket infantry flame throwers. The weapons are most effectively in the urban theater of operations. Comparing the facts, intelligence DPR concluded that the armed forces prepare a major offensive.

Close to Yasinovataya, which has become recently the scene of fierce fighting, the Ukrainian military used flamethrowers. After mortar artillery preparation group of the APU tried to break through the line of contact on the part of the route Donetsk-Yasinovataya-Gorlovka.

Kiev is working on the use of weapons and attempts to seize bridgeheads. (…)

Ukraine is preparing to destroy the people of Donbass from the flamethrowers
From: Anti Fascist, Monday, 21 March 2016

(Click to enlarge)

103 shelling over the past day. At first glance, these statistics might seem cause for optimism, as when compared with previous days, the trend was to reduce the number of attacks by Nazis on the territory of the DLPR. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, since hot spots under Yasinovataya and Zaytsevo with maps of war does not disappear and the situation there remains difficult.

In addition, the Kiev authorities increasingly move in the footsteps of Hitler’s Nazis, and in the near future are going to turn Yemen into a scorched earth in the truest sense of the word. Proof of these heinous intentions is the order received by the company “Ivchenko-progress” to manufacture five thousand jet engines for rocket infantry flame throwers.

According to military experts, it is a formidable weapon when used effectively in large settlements and can destroy cover. That is, the APU is preparing to conduct combat operations in urban environments and intend to destroy not only enemy soldiers, but also to burn the civilians, not giving people a chance to survive even in basements or cellars. Likewise did the German Nazis in the great Patriotic War, burning of entire villages.

Fortunately, while the chances of the invaders to break through to the big cities of the Republic are not large. Last night the Nazis entrenched in the village of Sands and attacked the Donetsk airport. Shooting fight went on until the morning. Hard shelled neighborhood Trudovskaya in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. Here’s how the militia commented on the situation in the suburbs of Donetsk: (…)


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