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Brussels: the return of the boomerang?
From: novorosinform.org, today 12:25, by Alexander Dugin

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All are now discussing the attacks in Brussels. And this is natural.

Can we call a series of bombings that shook the capital of Belgium and the European Union something unexpected? Well, of course not. Something similar is expected immediately after the attack at the Bataclan. And it was known that one of the ringleaders of the Paris terrorist attacks was hiding in Brussels. It was just discovered. In a sense, everything is predictable.

And that here to be surprised? European countries – members of NATO and obediently follow the geopolitics of the United States. Which means that they are accountable and for what the Americans are doing in the middle East. For the heinous execution of Gaddafi, the destruction to the grounds yesterday still quite decent countries Libya, Iraq and Syria, including Islamic terrorism, which, with the help of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the USA use for their own purposes.

To pay for everything. While paying the Arabs, hundreds of thousands of whom, including women and children, lost their lives in the goddamn Arab spring, American liberals considered the deepening of democracy.
And now the West-sponsored terror has spread to the capital of the European Union.

By the way, Brussels is the headquarters of NATO. Naturally the return of the boomerang?

Let’s be honest. We feel sorry for the victims of the terrorist attacks citizens? Yeah, I guess. But in Iraq, the attacks occur every day, filled with the blood of Libya, and in Syria – at the direct instigation of the US and NATO is raging a terrible war. And you do not mind? Or Arabs are not people? Or second class human beings? If we beat the Europeans, we are hurt. And it doesn’t hurt?

So – continuing the conversation be honest – it turns out that we are racists? (…)


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