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Not existing country, of course. Black spot or White area on maps. Or terra incognita hence bordered but not printed inside on all maps and atlases. On the other hand what are the so called “ukry”, “ukra”, “ukrops”, “ukronazis”, etc.? Perhaps a rotten branch or a “missing link” in evolution of “Rusky Mir” (Russian World)? Brrr… Not a nice thought, shit! Banderlogs… worse than Barlogs I think…

Other sources:
* You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Aidar Irregular Battalion and 92 Mechanised Brigade of the Junta Forces Fired on Each Other with Artillery near Schastya
* Bandar-log
* Banderlog

“Banderlog” – fictional people… (Wikipedia)
From:, 22-03-2016, 15:14

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The banderlog – the self-name of Nazi activists, militant groups and other horses “banderiting” in present Ukraine.

Banderlogs themselves consider themselves Ukrainians and are sincerely convinced that the whole world evolved from them.

Ukrainian culture is the most ancient and the great.

We are convinced that the Black Sea, the Egyptian pyramids and the Great Wall of China – it is their handiwork…

Ukraine — the great heroes. However, they for some reason ashamed to dig in their biography…

firmly believe that the entire world needs… Just because they are.

If something goes wrong, then blame anyone but themselves.

Claim that in everything, always and everywhere to blame Russia and Putin personally.

Putin is considered a deity because we believe that everything in the world happens only according to his order…

Believe that the war with Russia.

Banderlogs — too lazy population. All, without exception, want to live nicely. And most importantly, do nothing. Everything must happen by itself. In the hymn it is written: “Skinuti our uorogenic as dew on soncy, zapan and we bratta his storontsi”.

Are convinced that to build a successful state quite selfless enough to jump on the Maidan.

And banderlog is very fond of money. All love. Pathologically. Those few who have them – love actually and the others hypothetically…

Wikipedia: the Bandar-log[1] (Hindi, eng. Bandar-log) is a fictional monkey people from “the jungle Book” by English writer Rudyard Kipling, as well as the Soviet cartoon “Mowgli” based on the works of Kipling[2]. In some translations from English used in plural form — Bandar-logs. Often used as the word of the Bandar-log, including in the English language (eng. banderlog[3].

Kipling writes about Bandar-log: “They all gather to elect a leader, make your own laws, to come up with their own customs, but never perform intended because their memory is not enough until the next day. To excuse myself the monkey had the saying, “what the Bandar-log think now the jungle will think later””.

Further words of Kipling:

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Try to find ten differences…

But a history in Banderlogdom everything’s okay, indeed… They have it in the nineties right on the Council restored…

And turned out to be the name of a tribe of the Ancient Ukrop…

Initially wanted to start their ancestry with the Sumerians, ancient Greece or Egypt. But then the Ukrainian scientists have found – on the construction of the pyramids and the great wall of China mainly used “ukrovska gastarbaitery”… as well As the names of identified all three hundred Spartans, who died heroically in an unequal battle with the Persians, and caught the mercenaries from Kiev, Lviv and Vinnitsa…

Later Rada has determined that the Ukra are ancester tribe of the ancient Aryans. But then shocked the Germans, tightly holding this position… since the days of Hitler… I Had to again rewrite the textbooks.

Majestic scientists, on an emergency basis, made regular excavations and the winery. And dug up compelling evidence that Australopithecines certainly descended from the ancient Ukrov, as evidenced by numerous references to them in the form of rock paintings in the caves, as well as the presence of the Black sea and Stolen from dumps his pit Caucasian mountains…

So the term “banderlog”— this is not group the fruit of a sick imagination, and a well-grounded state historians the self-designation of the ancient population of “man riding predominates”… Gone, in the course of evolution, its own path, separate from the group of Homo sapiens…

a Page from the textbook of history of Ukraine…

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And as a bonus:

(Click to enlarge) Two underlines (top and bottom): Bhudda has Ukrainian roots. Jesus Christ after the birth was Ukrainian too.

P. S. I Got a question arose at the last screen: And Buddha with Jesus?

Vladimir Batkovich
Central information Agency of Novorossiya


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