Russian Economic Whorenanigans Unlimited

Russian P-ts Department

Look at the mug of Kudrin’s mongrel. His “intelligence” shines dizzying and dazzling. Good henchman of His Highness of Personal Narcissism ruling on behalf of the Great Russian Empire of Cronyism, Oligarchism, Thieverism, Robberism, Plunderism and Total Economic Whorenanigans. I hate such people.

But he could be more intelligent, setting the limit to 70-72 for women and 67-70 for men. They might outlive system for up to 2-5 years only, no more, as Vertical Power Tower would introduce euthanasia to the damn old crap and bingo! – new money flooded the cofffers of those Who Must Not Be Named, and without redundant state’s financial burdens.

The New Times Are Coming!
The New Slavery and the New Slaves are being forged!
Under the leadership
Who Must Not Be Named Badly!

Alexei Ulyukayev about raising the retirement age
From: e-news

(Click to enlarge)

The Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev: it is Obvious that raising the retirement age – the decision is bad, but inevitable, and it necessarily will be accepted. The only question is when and how to do it, because this decision will affect the situation of all people, social and political situation.

I think it is reasonable to declare this to a peaceful electoral period, for example, at the end of 2016. And the calculations must be complete now.

What to do – to keep the gap between the retirement of men and women or align, as in most countries? The basic proposal is equal to the value at 63 (now 55 for women and 60 for men). Another option is to leave the gap at five years and increase to level 60 and 65 years respectively. From my point of view, it is less rational.

How to make a step increase? It is logical to raise the retirement age by six months. If you take the bar 63 years, women will have to make 16 annual steps. The parameters may be others, as the logic is in all versions, but you need to watch people who would be affected by the reform, distributed by industry, as this will affect their income and so on.

(Click to enlarge) They will introduce smaller hourglass for sure. This one is a waaaay too big…


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