Russian Army Has Corrected In Syria What Medvedev and Putin Bungled If Not Fucked Up In The Last Few Years

War in Syria Department

Interview with General Dvornikov
From: Colonel Cassad, 24 March, 0:11

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Interview General-Colonel Dvornikov about land aspects of the operation of Russian Federation in Syria. The last half of the year Dvornikov led the group acting on the territory of SAR.
One of the interesting points should be noted public confirmation of the continuing operations of the Russian special forces in Syria.

Mr President, let’s remember what was happening in Syria at the time when Russian military contingent was entering.

Alexander Dvornikov: The group of Russian troops I head arrived in the Syrian Arab Republic in September last year with the task to deal with the evolving situation and the state of the Syrian army. I can say one thing: the situation at that time was clearly not in favor of Damascus. The terrorists, the total of which accounted for more than 60 thousand people, took about 70 percent of Syrian territory. Gangs took the largest cities of Idlib, Raqqa and Palmyra.

The terrorists controlled large parts of the suburbs of HOMS and Damascus, led a large-scale offensive in the Latakia province, prepared environment and the capture of Aleppo. A key route to Syria Damascus – Aleppo, connecting South and North were under constant threat of blocking the militants. In addition, government forces were exhausted for four years of hostilities and with great difficulty held back the attack of terrorists. The population massively leave the country.

But what I have now? What were the results of fighting our military in Syria? (…)


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