To Whom I Address The Translations?

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Well, tell me, dear readers, to whom I address the translations? The different topics about Russia – issues on economy, society, increasing poverty, Kremlin negligence, oligarchic thievery, mafia like authority strata, Russia rotting from within thanks to the putrid government and a lack of responsibility among President and military powers?

To whom I work? Is there any sense having no feedback? Registering daily 20-40 quests (or less, much less…) I think most of them are search bots, the other part comes from sorta intelligence agencies spying on everybody in Internet. Oh, well, I nearly forgot, few “likers” which just want to show the world they exist, but their blogs are covering liberal(?) arts, photography (thanks God, I like amateur shootings), poetry, or “something” betraying the last state of graphomania (incurable perversion), or bordering on sadomasochist vivisection attitudes. All such far away from politics and global p-ts I’m baffled what they are doing here on my pages.

I planned a break today but El Murid wrote such interesting remarks I decided to push them here. I wrote “decided”, but I have justified big doubts.

Does it make sense to inform you daily
about Russian bloggers’ thoughts and their views?

I know most of the Yandex translations are lousy, but part of them is corrected to become understandable and not brazenly falsified aka overlied. I’m not X or Y, and I do not intend to build small Empire of The Only Truth about You Know Who or He Who Must Not Be Named Badly. But 100 to 500 guests would satisfy my insatiable ego. 🙂

Have a nice day.


About veraser

Debian user who's fond of Yandex, Vivaldi, Links2 and Firefox browsers. He likes to shoot pictures.
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2 Responses to To Whom I Address The Translations?

  1. mcc43 says:

    Hard life for bloggers that don’t blog for fun, I know . Go on 😉


    • Thanks! I will. 🙂 Few breaks give time to decontaminate mind from “bad vapors”. 🙂 I do not know people impervious to bleak “news”, apart from scum or perpetrates, of course… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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