In Memoriam Keith Emerson

A dozen days ago I came across a sad post In memory of Keith Emerson, keyboardist of ELP in Max Kalashnikov’s blog.

Alas, I live in a parallel world, maybe due to that I did not pay attention to the sad thing. I can’t say why I moved ahead with my blog and live without a minute of reflections about ELP, one of my best rock group in those days, others and the running away speed of My Time. Am I too old today? I can’t believe…

You know what grabbed me? Not the death, but the age – 71 years old. How come?! I see Him in my eyes of memory a young musician whom I listened in those days – no computers, no Internet, no handy craps, with state radio and TV behind the Iron Curtain. At least one state radio channel was OK and the famous Radio Luxemburg on Medium Waves…

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Official Website: Keith Emerson (1944 – 2016)

Wikipedia: Keith Emerson

Keith Emerson Dead RIP 2016 ELP Jerusalem

Published on Mar 11, 2016

OMG! The world’s greatest progressive rock keyboardist has died. God bless the soul of Keith Emerson who committed suicide by gunfire in his Santa Monica, CA home on March 10, 2016. My tribute to the great Keith Emerson features one of my favorite Emerson, Lake & Palmer songs. Keith Emerson’s counterpoint synthesizer melody lines complement Greg Lake’s vocals perfectly. Jerusalem (with lyrics) is from 1973 ELP masterpiece album Brain Salad Surgery (2014 Remaster). Keith Emerson has ceased his mental fight. He has built Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land!

Emerson, Lake and Palmer – Pictures at an exhibition

K: My stupid reflection…

ELP – C’Est la Vie

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