Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 25

2016.03.01 – 2016.03.20

K: To be continued…

What they need peace to rebuild
From: lex_leshy, March 20th, 17:05

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The plan of the new Chinese five-year plan looks like a Declaration of war against the Western economic model

Now in China literally history in the making. In the country take the XIII five year plan for further economic development for 2016-2020. To say that it is a landmark, then do not say anything. For the first time in more than a decade of stable and high economic growth, which are used in China, greatly slowed down and, while in the West assert that the reason was the drop in demand and deflation, scientific school of China sees this as the systemic exhaustion of the Western economic model as such.For further prosperity of China this model must fundamentally change, the Chinese consider, and prepare so much to building a new economic world.


The Chinese experience for Russia

Russia also has its own anti-crisis plan. Well as it is. And how would the plan. But it is different from Chinese, as the earth is from the sky. Instead of using the crisis for a real large-scale modernization of the economy and forming its own strong Foundation, based on domestic sales, the Russian government is trying to go the traditional way to reduce costs, minimize programs and the introduction of new taxes.All justified by the desire to reduce the budget deficit, which will grow whether, or not, and the plan itself is more like a weather vane turning in the wind, and not to attempt this wind to manage. While China for the next five years plans to significantly reduce the tax burden, including to cancel a number of tax and non-tax payments. That is, feel the difference.

But the main difference lies in the complete lack of any clear large-scale and long-term planning as such. Faced with a fundamental crisis of the Western system, the Chinese, unlike us, is he really going to remake this world so that it was comfortable and successful living. First of all, of course, to them. While Russia continues to proceed from “how it goes, decide on the place.” This is perhaps the main experience that we should draw from plans XIII Chinese five-year plan.

Short about important
From: Colonel Cassad, March 21, 8:40

As with the light until the problem is resolved (today and tomorrow are expected to be quite hard shutdown due to low limit), it is important to briefly about Syria and the Donbass.
Below, satellite images of Tartus Mamima and 17 March. (…)

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From: bergen_rus, Mar. 18th, 2016 at 11:29 AM

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I remember 2 years ago I jumped for joy at the TV screen and believe that the Crimea first came to Russia. And right behind him is already underway in the Donbass.

And now there is no joyful perturbations. Disgusting. Donbass tore, trampled, and continue to fester. The Donbass have been thrown into a furnace of greedy flame. Polished lackeys on TV tell of the horrors and sufferings of people, forever living for the second year in hell. And none of them the heart aches, the voice did not falter, will not fall a tear just from understanding how, in the throes survive those about whom they broadcast on TV.

No one in the protest against the universal lies not admitting on live TV that we threw their brothers, and everything pour out our Patriotic attempts is empty chatter in the media. Disgusting. And despicable.

I don’t know, how can we celebrate the 9th of May. We who have violated the great feats of our ancestors. We have not defended your people, the Russian people, who for the second year begs us to save them! People, who would not give up yet!

Natalia Baikova for HUSK

Tomatoes are not escaped
From: etoonda, 2016-03-21 14:02:00

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If the Turks think that will get some tomatoes, they are mistaken” – said Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on 3 December 2015.

The terminal in Sheremetyevo will build Turkey’s Renaissance Construction. The construction of a new terminal B and terminal two tunnels is estimated at 630 million and is included in the plan to prepare the airport for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

The boards of Directors of SP “Terminal b Sheremetyevo” and SP “terminal-to-Terminal transition Sheremetyevo” have approved the General contractor for the construction of two data objects is a Renaissance Construction, is spoken in the message of the airport “Sheremetyevo”.

Earlier the General Director of “Sheremetyevo” Michael Vasilenko has informed that the contract had fought Strabag, who later withdrew from the contest, Limak and Renaissance Construction. Both companies are registered in Russia and have Turkish roots. According to Vasilenko, the project was estimated at 630 million.

“The boards of Directors of SP “Terminal b Sheremetyevo” and SP “terminal-to-Terminal transition Sheremetyevo” determined at the meeting held on 13 March 2016, the executor for the implementation of major development projects North of the terminal complex: the new terminal B and terminal two tunnels. Selected as the General contractor Renaissance Construction”, — stated in the message.

The President signed a decree on the transfer Sheremetyevo Arkady Rotenberg and his partners

Vladimir Putin signed a decree on privatization of the airport Sheremetyevo. Its largest shareholders will become entrepreneurs and Arkady Rotenberg, Alexander Ponomarenko. (…)

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