Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 24

2016.03.18 – 2016.03.21

K: To be continued…

Next after the date Syria Belarus?
From: Eduard Communist, March 18th, 4:14

(Click to enlarge) Caption: We did not promise Belarus anything?

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has recommended to “Gazprom” and “Tatneft” to suspend deliveries of petroleum products from subsidiaries in Belarus.

About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the minutes of the meeting of the government Commission on the fuel and energy sector, held in February.

At the last Commission Dvorkovich had asked why a Russian company sharply increased supplies of oil products to Belarus, and how it will affect the Russian budget.

Then Dvorkovich instructed the Ministry of energy, Federal customs service and the Ministry of Finance “to report on the causes of the sharp increase in the supply of petroleum products from subsidiaries of “Gazprom” and “Tatneft” in Belarus, to provide copies of documents and calculations related to the payment of customs duties on specified supplies, losses of the budget from such deliveries”.

At the same time Dvorkovich and recommended “Gazprom” and “Tatneft” to suspend the supply of petroleum products as long as the government does not see the results of the reports of relevant agencies.

Earlier it was reported that Moscow and Minsk have not yet come to a decision about the price of Russian gas.


Remember, last year wrote. what next after the date Syria will be Belarus? Then didn’t believe me. And now about what happens. The Kremlin no reason, no apparent reason has decided to suspend supply of petroleum products to Belarus. Thereby trying to force Lukashenko to agree to the price increase. Notice, suspend delivery of refined products to Ukraine, for which they are supplied free of charge, and in Belarus. In a country that has only one more friendly country to Russia.And which the UN General Assembly openly voted against the us draft resolution condemning the annexation of Crimea Russia. Apparently in the Kremlin want instead of Lukashenka’s power in Belarus came to an analogue Poroshenko. Then the Republic will be entirely lost to us.

In this regard, willingly or unwillingly, have to go back in 2013. Then, the Kremlin also blackmailed Yanukovych off gas and closing the border to force it to buy expensive gas from Russia and to renounce Association with the EU. Blackmail then managed. It only ended with independence and the coming to power in Ukraine openly Nazi forces. And in result of which Russia sells gas to hostile at the moment Ukraine is at this price that Yanukovych never dreamed of. Now that the HSP is being implemented in Belarus.To go to her for discounts, there need to provoke the Maidan and then the civil war and get at the end of a hostile country.

Now I foresee a shaft perturbations that Lukashenko is bad, it does not support the Donbass, with Ukraine’s friends, etc.

First of All, Putin is too friendly with Ukraine. Even Alcmena calls his partner, and his entourage of Ukrainian partners and friends. He said that even the partners do not choose.

Secondly, why would he support the unrecognized Republic, which the Kremlin employs and treats its citizens and the militia, to the cattle? This attitude is evident in everything.

At least in that. Kremlin have nothing to daily shelling in the Donbass.

The same attitude of the Kremlin to his puppets in the Donbass. Which during the Ming conspiracy in February of last year was present exclusively as extras. Just to put your signature, where it will indicate great uncle.

And thirdly, I repeat again. Belarus is currently one of the only friendly countries to Russia. Which has openly supported Russia during the voting in the UN in March 2014. Even “ally” China from voting avoided. while Belarus is not. She voted against. I repeat specially for those who call it hostile. Thanks to Putin’s policies. Russia has already lost Ukraine forever. And soon risks losing Belarus.

To the next anniversary of the annexation of Crimea.
From: bergen_rus, Mar. 18th, 2016 at 11:52 PM

(Click to enlarge) Mr. Putin, what Crimea Russians differ from Donbass Russians?

The hypocrisy of Mr. Putin.

According to Mr. Putin that the referendum in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions is very different from the referendum in the Crimea on the agenda were two completely different issues. In Crimea were asked to choose joining Russia, and in Donbass the question was only about independence from Ukraine. And that is why, according to Putin, Russia today is not able to attach the Donbass.

We will not talk about that all the language used in referendums, carefully aligned with Moscow curators and they are they, those mysterious grey person, who agreed on each letter in the wording of the referendum. We will rely on sterile data that we will be able to verify it as a reference when considering this question.

What we have in stock:

2 March 2014 the speaker of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov said that the main purpose of the referendum — the transfer of Crimea from the regime of autonomy in the mode of an independent state.

March 6, 2014 Supreme Council of Crimea decided to join Russia as a constituent entity of the Russian Federation and to hold a referendum throughout the Crimea would relegate the issue of the future status of Crimea

1. “Are you for the reunification of the Crimea with Russia on rights subject of the Russian Federation?”

2. “Are you for the restoration of the Constitution of the Republic of Crimea 1992 years and the status of Crimea as part of Ukraine?”

March 17, 2014 on the basis of the Declaration of Independence, adopted by the armed forces of the Crimea, and the referendum was proclaimed Republic of Crimea as an independent and sovereign state. Further, the course of events known to you.

What should be done?

In the Crimea was legitimately elected, the Supreme Council, which adopted a “Declaration of Independence” as a transitional document, in the period of change of status of the Peninsula.

Remember this essential aspect.

Now consider the input data for the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, for the period of preparation and holding of the referendum.

Unlike Crimea, where the main function of managing the region took over the Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea , in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, at that time did not have any legitimate, popularly elected government.

As a formal “Declaration of Independence” there was no one to take Mr Putin, the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, a decision was made to first vote in favour of independence from Ukraine, and then to join the Russian Federation.

Apparently it is due to the difference in the agenda of the referendums President Putin does not introduce forces in the Donbass, by analogy with the Crimea.

As a striking example of rhetoric, Mr. Putin is its insinuation on the topic of the meaning of the word “INDEPENDENCE” in the agenda of the referendum.

Here, as the question on the ballot papers: “do You Support the Act of state independence of the Donetsk (Lugansk) people’s Republic?”

Thus, Mr. Putin tried to dilute the meaning of the question posed is unambiguous about the independence of the republics of the Donbass from Ukraine.

Ask a question for Mr Putin, and on what basis you have entered then the troops in the Crimea?

Some of the followers of the HSP voiced as the reason, present there, already, at the time of the referendum – the black sea Fleet Russia, they say, and I / we had none.

But according to the document “About the status and conditions of stay of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine”, blocking of military units and seizure of administrative buildings not registered anywhere and to put it mildly, somewhat violates this agreement.

By itself the “right” question on the status of Crimea on the referendum was formed only on March 6, 2014, and the actual commissioning of the units of the defense Ministry on the territory of Crimea took place in the night of 26 to 27 February.

Moreover, on 1 March 2014, President Putin submitted to the Federation Council a request to use Russian troops in Ukraine “until the normalization of the political situation in this country.”

Mr Putin, we pay once again your attention span – MARCH 1, 2014, and the “correct” formulation, which distinguishes the Crimean referendum about Donbass was announced only on 6 MARCH 2014.

It turns out that in the case of Crimea the Russian troops was carried out independently from any language of the referendum.

Let’s move on.

Mr. Putin, you know that when the recognition of new States in international practice there are two principles: the Constitutive and Declarative?

In accordance with the first principle, the recognition creates only a new state as a subject of international law; recognition is of key importance in the acquisition of state international legal personality.

The second principle says that the very fact of the proclamation of the new state (or on the basis of a referendum or a decision of the Parliament of the entity or of the provisional government), have international legal personality, the act of international recognition merely acknowledges the event.

In the case of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, we deal with the second principle of international law. DPR and LPR declared by States on the basis of a referendum.

But in order to become a full subject of international law, they need the recognition of at least one of the States that already are the subjects of this law. Tell me, what exactly is stopping Russia from such recognition.

The right of recognition of States is a sovereign right of other States. The act of recognition may be made only on behalf of the state or its government. International organizations including the UN have no right to recognize the state or government.

Legal recognition is usually by means of unilateral acts.

You know, Mr Putin that on the basis of “UNILATERAL ACT”, as the norms of international law, Turkey in 1983 recognized the independence of Northern Cyprus , although there even the referendum was not, the reason was the statement made at the General Assembly of the Turkish Cypriot community. After that, it was a government that signed a formal Treaty of mutual assistance and on the basis of this Treaty, Turkey sent troops. And all this happened under the norms of international law, all necessary formalities have been complied with.And how outraged the world community, but to accuse Turkey of the annexation was not legal basis.

Here is a question for you, Mr. Putin, Crimea than the Russians differ from the Russians of Donbass?

Poll: what happened to the 25 million potential jobs?
From: kolybanov, March 21st, 5:13

(Click to enlarge) As there is a Russian saying?- Written with a pen, not cut down with an ax…

It is known that these 25 million high-tech seats taken from an article by Vladimir Putin in Izvestia (2012): Actually this is the place:

“So the creation of 25 million new, high-tech, well-paying jobs for people with a high level of education is not just a catchy phrase. It is a necessity, a minimum level of adequacy. Around the solution to this national priority need to build public policies that consolidate the efforts of business, create a better business climate.”

What? Maxim Topilin (Minister of labour and social security) is preparing for the increase in unemployment in 2016 for half a million people:

“For 2015 year lost about 500 thousand inhabitants of Russia, now threatens the dismissal of nearly half a million people, said yesterday the Minister of labour and social protection RF Maxim Topilin. Of these, more than 300 thousand are already working in part-time employment – mainly the employees of the enterprises of automotive industry. Experts “NOR” believe that because of the prospects of rapid recovery from the crisis are not expected, the process of reducing jobs will continue in the country and in the coming years.”

(Click to enlarge) Maxim Topilin



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