Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 23

2016.03.20 – 2016.03.21

K: To be continued…

The achievements of capitalism in Russia
From: PolitShturm, Mar. 21st, 2016 at 7:01 PM

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The number of poor in Russia in 2015 has risen sharply — just 3.1 million, amounting to 19.2 million persons, which was the highest figure since 2006, according to Rosstat.

The total number of unemployed in Russia in February 2016 has increased compared with January per thousand and amounted to $ 4,429 million, or 5.8% of the economically active population from published data of the accounting Department. (…)

Hello! I Am Russian Liberator
From: ukroturk, 20th-Mar-2016 03:50 pm

(Click to enlarge) Ours we do not ditch away

Hello! I Am Russian Liberator. I have such a profession — to protect compatriots. Historically.

I defended Yugoslavia. As a result, the country was bombed by depleted uranium, Croatian fascists and thugs of the Kosovo staged ethnic cleansing, as black transplant surgeons have dissected the Serbian bratušek on the organs.

I defended my compatriots in the Baltic States. Now there are closing Russian-language schools, Newspapers and TV channels, as my compatriots have the status of “non-citizens” with the rights of a little more than dogs.

I defended allies in Libya. At a meeting of the UN Security Council I allowed to adopt resolution 1973 on imposing a no-fly zone over Libya, which gave the green light to foreign intervention. Now there are two governments that are at war with each other, and the once richest country in North Africa has turned into a bloodstained wasteland.

I defended the sovereignty of Syria. Deployed anti-aircraft missiles and bombed the deserted sheds. Now there continue to behave brutally terrorists, one third of the population fled their homes, exhausted by the Syrian army barely holds the remnants of the government of the territories, and the state is rapidly falling apart.

I freed the Donbass. Before the war there peacefully lived, loved, created a family and raised children, dreamed of a just state without oligarchs and fascists. I was asked to protect compatriots. I came to the Donbas and stood behind their women and children. Now there destroyed all the infrastructure in place, the artillery of the Ukrainian Nazis razing to the ground of cities and towns, not enough money, food, drugs, and the locals stoically die for the Minsk agreements and the right to return to a United Ukraine.

Yes, I am a Liberator! And I’m tired of apologizing for it…

I am a liberator by birth, I am a defender and a noble warrior. Admire.

I twist arms to Assad in 2012, when he finished off the terrorists in HOMS, and sat with them at the negotiating table. I canceled the supply of equipment for air defense and coastal defense of Libya, when she desperately needed them. Now where are these Libyans? Where is Colonel Gaddafi? I was sternly silent when Ukrainian Nazis in Odessa burned alive my countrymen. I happily celebrated the Victory over the Nazis, when their grandchildren were shot unarmed people in Mariupol.I supplied the Kiev killers of tank engines, diesel fuel, coal, gas and electricity, supported the financial system of Ukraine and financed by banks. I was killing the residents of Donbas, who did not want to become a bargaining chip in Minsk auction, closed the locations of the refugees and forced them back to Ukraine.

I’ve trusted all and Sundry. Serbs, Balts, Alawites, the Donetsk side. The earth has enough for everyone — by 2.5 meters each. See… I don’t need your sincere belief in the friendship and protection of compatriots. I have other interests. Politely ask one last time. Trust me!

I build Russian world, Russian world I love, but to betray I do best of all.


Russian Liberator


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