Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 22

2016.03.18 – 2016.03.21

K: To be continued…

Sergey Glazyev: Our citizens will greet the centenary of the October revolution and asks…

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The President of Russia should clearly identified criteria that must be followed when conducting the upcoming privatization. The efficiency, transparency, non-involvement of borrowed funds and a ban on the use of offshore companies as the beneficiaries of privatization. Still never these principles were observed, although they are consistent with the theory of economic management, according to which the privatization, just as nationalization, should be seen as tools for increasing the efficiency of use of the property. The approach takes time: preparation of large properties is always not only take account of the diverse interests and long-term planning. To make a decision on changing the form of ownership in the context of the plan and understanding of how we are going to develop a particular Corporation, the industry, and why we decided to change the form of ownership in the calculation of the efficiency.
At the time of speaking, rather, of “nationalization”. It de facto takes place, though not an open system. The expensive money policy led to the fact that money is concentrated in state banks, which have the ability to attract budgetary allocations to support their balance sheets. At high interest rates, which are now four times higher than the profitability, almost all enterprises of the real sector become hostage to state – owned banks, which actually are the owners of many industries. It is not controlled, the state is indifferent as loans. Such spontaneously going “nationalization” deserves serious reflection and analysis. (…)

The Russians will raise interest rates on loans
From: etoonda, 2016-03-18 08:32:00

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The initiative belongs to the Central Bank, which intends to limit the share of the largest creditor — the savings Bank. (…) “According to calculations of financiers, UCS for loans up to 100 thousand roubles can grow to 38.2% instead of the current 31.7 percent. Loans in the amount of 100-300 thousand rubles will rise to 34.7% (now UCS is 29,9%), and the cost of borrowing in excess of 300 thousand rubles will increase from 26.7% to 28.5%,” the calculations of financiers. A letter with the necessary amendments to the law “On consumer credit” the Central Bank sent to the National Council of the financial market. The proposal still must assess in the Ministry of Finance.

The impoverishment of Russians had reached the catastrophic level during the perestroika period
From: etoonda, 2016-03-18

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But the bottom is still far away – the population will continue to become poorer in subsequent 3-4 years
Russians finally lost faith in a better future. Just a year the optimism of our citizens vanished into smoke, and welfare have reached levels of the late 1990-ies. Sociologists have carried out extensive research and documented monstrous data: more than half of Russians can’t withstand the crisis and believe that it will only be worse. The impoverishment of Russians had reached the catastrophic level since the days of perestroika. Last month 55% of people said that the crisis has affected them personally (in November 2015 such 45%). 16% said they cut wages, 12% reported that it began to stall. It turns out that almost a third of the population had lost in income, — says CEO of the International Institute of marketing research Oleksandr Demidov. Another manifestation of crisis is the increase in the share of expenditure on food in the budget of Russians. In developed countries people spend on food 12-18% of revenue. We have 46%. (…)

What Poroshenko Kolomoisky agrees with at night?

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In Ukraine it’s time to change something, even eurointegrational leader Petro Poroshenko is finally realized. Moreover, by law, the guarantor of the Ukrainian Constitution because of the collapse of the coalition should announce early parliamentary elections. What will the Kiev leadership has so far kept secret, but leaked information about secret talks with Poroshenko, Kolomoisky, which is frequent in the capital of Ukraine. The President, to his administration brought only at night.

In addition, the Ukrainian media managed to learn, and of the first agreements between Poroshenko and Kolomoisky. It is reported that the new coalition will include the Deputy group “Revival”, formed in the Parliament in early March. Under the project, as officially stated the co-Chairman of the group Victor Cooper on Monday, “Revival” will represent the opposition and monitor the government.

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