“How to Interpret Kremlin’s Withdrawal From Syria?”

War in Syria Department

From: etoonda, 2016-03-20 14:02:00

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Another Syrian – foreign-policy somersault of the Kremlin

How to interpret the Kremlin announced the withdrawal of the main forces of the Russian military groups from Syria? I believe that this is the end of a meaningless adventure. The Russian economy is in such a state that I had to get out of Syria. To the hell then generally there?

Under pressure of the hosts of the West the Kremlin has to retire, effectively leaving Assad in the lurch. So, why spend so much money on this failed enterprise? Would it not be better to solve the problem of the Russian Donbass?


Here are my conclusions briefly: in a Friday night meeting with Putin on 11 March 2016 key economic Ministers and the CB chief Nabiulina probably put the President before the fact of a complicated situation in the Russian economy and insisted on ending the Syrian expedition. Which, moreover, were not entitled to a tenth share of the public support that was the defenders of Donbass in the spring of 2014 and winter of 2015. Indirectly the government of the Russian Federation recognizes thereby the initial futility of sending troops to Syria.

In fact, the Kremlin retreated under pressure from the US owners, for whom ISIS is an instrument of chaos in the Middle East. Thus crumbled into dust all the advocacy design protective mouthpieces: that the Russian Federation does not throw ally Assad in Syria, our troops meet with terrorists overseas that Russia will become a strong leg (military bases) in the Eastern Mediterranean and the such nonsense. In fact, it turns out. And not just triumph owners of America, but the Saudis and Erdogan in Turkey. Syria given on the section and the wolves. I’m so sorry staff of Kremlin propagandists. How are they gonna turn? Listen to their comments on the radio: they are in obvious confusion.

The means of economic war, the Kremlin was put before the threat of socio-economic collapse in Russia. First got it in for us a useless war in the middle East is an expensive undertaking against a falling economy. And then forced to depart, the image (the current Newspeak) of loss for the Kremlin’s humiliating and obvious. This is, what a superpower it is looking like a monkey jumping here and there?


What will be the result? The Assad regime will continue the agony. LPR and DPR will still be in desperate economic, political and humanitarian provisions. I doubt that Russian planes with wonderful sights will fly to smash the positions of forces of VSU. The Kremlin will be left with nothing in the Donbass. Before the threat of a new outbreak of war among the slagheaps.

Moreover, the West will begin to force the Kremlin to implement the Minsk protocols, and in fact – to push LDPR “in Ukraine”. With all the dirty costs of the process and further “loss of face” for Moscow. Kiev and all will be forgiven and Moscow will continue to nitpick over every little thing. It will continue to beat economic sanctions (the most painful – the cutting off from cheap credit), gleefully watching over how the Central government in Russia has nothing to do with the increasing crisis in the economy. As predicted Maxim Kalashnikov.

The Kremlin will drink full cup of its fruits of wavering from rapid creation of Novorossia in the spring of 2014. The rejection of a lightning victory turns into a systemic collapse, gentlemen. And I you’ve been warned.

In order to compensate for the obvious fail of foreign policy (and economic-managerial), the power will fiercely lunatically “tighten the screws” in Russia. Bringing your promotion to full schizophrenia, to the splitting of consciousness, to bouts of collective psychosis. Despite the fact that the crisis only accelerates its development.

Then – “failure thread”…and

This is only a matter of time.



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