Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 19

2016.03.18 – 2016.03.20

K: To be continued…

Scorpion not to sting the turtle
From: burckina-faso, March 18th, 22:19

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Which takes him across the deep river. Instinct stronger than reason. And Putin must kick the Soviet past in almost every public speech. What makes him do that? Conscious installation or instinct? So he, in a speech before the military stated that:

We have to remember about the threats that are created, if we have time we don’t do something, should remember the lessons of history, including the tragic events at the beginning of the Second world war, the great Patriotic war, about what then turned miscalculations in military construction and planning, the lack of new military equipment. All you need to do in a timely manner, and weakness, absence of concentration, omissions are always dangerous.

Before us the words of the Philistine, poisoned by anti-Soviet propaganda, but not social. The scale is simply not comparable. I certainly don’t deny the problems identified in 1941, but this is simply incomparable in scale threats. Moreover, the present Russian Federation are protected thanks to the efforts of the USSR on national security and military construction. First and foremost, the efforts of Stalin, who built a powerful military-industrial complex.

Once again Putin has kicked the Soviet Union today, calling

“the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait “historic mission”, which failed to implement over the last century“.

Again before us stands a man in the street, not understanding that in the USSR the Crimea was not in transport isolation from the mainland as it is now. In the USSR there was no pressing need for such a bridge, although the projects were, of course. And that the current isolation of the Crimea was due to incompetent and cowardly policy of Putin himself in the first place. (…)

Great of Putin’s economic u-turn?
From: kerzak-1, 2016-03-19 10:26:00

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Last week Vladimir Putin has made several public statements.
And this week conducted mass arrests in the Ministry of culture about the theft on restoration of objects of cultural heritage. You say that this is a chain of coincidences? This week all of these events. And during this time, GDP had time to complete the Operation in Syria, to reward the veterans of the Syrian Company and calmly continued Syrian company for the task against dais. I don’t even see any reason to display all of its actions and decisions this week. But gradually all comes down to the fact that it is time to decisively change inside the economic situation. And here all this Stalinist rhetoric – it is not random. (…) It’s time to come to grips with the economy. (…)

In the Donbas militias fought for reunification with Russia.
From: etoonda, 2016-03-19 22:02:00

Igor Strelkov in Chelyabinsk

In Chelyabinsk with a creative meeting came Igor Strelkov. The main topic of conversation with the residents of the southern Urals were the events in Ukraine. “Ukraine is the biggest danger for Russia, after the issue of radical Islam within Russian Federation.” – said Strelkov. In addition to the ordinary inhabitants of Chelyabinsk, came to the meeting combat veterans. According to them, Igor Strelkov still has great authority in the Donbass and not only. Mr Shuvalov noted that in the fighting he no longer participates, but continues to help the fighting Donbass!

Shooters: – last night called “the Ensign” (he is now with the cargo in Donetsk). Yesterday – 2 – 200x our (K: dead). Ongoing “flea market” about yasinovatskiy overpass, which in fact turned into another “airport” – exclusively favorable to Ukra (K: Ukrops, Ukrainians) (as their human and other reserves several times more available in the “buildings”)”.

Shooters called for the Crimea to be more modest in front of the residents of Donbass. The leader of the militia Igor Strelkov urged residents of the Crimea to leave the talk about the fact that the region during the Russian spring allegedly “did not rise in unison, as up the Peninsula.” “I was a counselor Aksenova still a day before it all started. Excluding Sevastopol, the Donbass more active than the rest of the Crimea. And that tell that “the whole Crimea has risen, and the Donbas is not all”, is wickedness and falsehood. Donbass has risen much more active. In Crimea people do not have to fight for their beliefs, attitudes, with arms in their hands.

Because of the rigid opposition of the Ukrainian power structures are not produced. And in the Donbass had to fight. Yet who knows how it would behave Simferopol or Yalta, in what quantity they would have come, if indeed hollowed over “Grad” (on them), and on them came the armored vehicles,” — said the Shooters. He said that in the Donbas smilitias fought for reunification with Russia. “80% supported the Republic, namely accession to Russia. In early flags of DPR and LPR was not only Russian. When in Slavyansk on the first day we took the SBU, the initiative militia hung on it Russian flag. Local militia in response to a question about the DPR said, “And why is it needed? We actually stand for Russia”, — said Strelkov. (…)

DPR Intelligence knew about the preparation to the attack at cities of the republic by Kiev
From: Novorossia Today, March 20, 2016

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DPR Intelligence knew that Kiev junta forces are preparing for the attack in margins of the DPR’s capital.

In regard to the data of Basurin, Ukrainian fighters are preparing for the attack at Donetsk and other cities of the republic. They ordered 5 thousand machines for rocket-propelled anti-personnel flame throwers.

As deputy head of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Russia Grigoriy Karasyan announced on 16th March, Moscow supposes that Ukrainian authorities are preparing military scenery to return back Donbass.


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