Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 18

2016.03.18 – 2016.03.20

K: To be continued…

BTW The extent of Russian economic and social p-ts is frightening and increasing.

Armata shot surprises
From: News Front, 20 March 2016, 13:00, by Boris Stepnov

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Analyst Dave Majumdar published edition “The National Interest” an article about Russian tank T-14 “Armata”, in which wondered:

“Russian main battle tank T-14, which belongs to the family of combat vehicles “Armata” is already in production. A few days ago, the General Director of “Rostec” Sergey Chemezov in an interview with reporters, The Wall Street Journal reported that the T-14 already mass-produced. It was a surprise to military analysts, NATO, who believed that this project is still under development.”

For example, Majumdar considers the most significant achievement of the complex of active protection “Apfganit” (Lapis):

“This system has a radar with a 360-degree grille and active email scanning. The complex also has the technology of electronic warfare, preventing the entry of enemy tank shells.”

The complex is already installed on the T-14 and heavy combat vehicle T-15, testing will be completed by the end of the year. The development of a unique UV-finders find the shells and rockets on the ionization of air along a flight path that allows you to calculate the speed of the missiles or grenades. Data about speed and trajectory are processed by computer and provide an opportunity to bring down the threat on approach – for example, using large-caliber machine gun. The immunity of this complex is much higher than the standard, using the radar.(…)

The funeral of the Minsk agreements
From: News Font, 20 March 2016, 17:30, by Alexey Polybot

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Kiev is doing everything to provoke the militia retaliatory counterattack

The situation in the Donbas is more like the one which occurred before the start of a fierce battle. “For the past day, Ukrainian security forces 302 times fired at the territory of the Republic as a result of 33 violations of the ceasefire. The situation on the frontline remains tense and difficult” — quoted Donetsk News Agency a source in the Ministry of Defence DPR.

According to the Defense Department, the most intensive attacks were: the villages Zaytsevo in the North of Gorlovka, Spartacus, Sabunike, Staromikhaylovk and Trudovskaya on the outskirts of Donetsk. In addition, under the fire of security forces were of Yasinovataya, Dokuchayevsk and the village of Shanka in the South of the DPR.

The Ukrainian security forces used mortars with caliber of 120 mm and 82 mm, infantry fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, rocket-propelled grenades and small arms.

The most complex situation remains near the village of Yasinovataya, where the Ukrainian army is trying to cut the strategically important Donetsk national Republic route Donetsk-Gorlovka.

Clearly, if they succeed, the army of new Russia will be forced to counterattack, which would mean a de facto breakdown of the Minsk agreements.

Disturbing is the fact that, according to the statement by the representative of the Ministry of Defence DPR Eduard Baturin, for the most part the front lines of Kiev removed its observers over observance of “silence”.

What counts Kiev, Donbass trying to provoke the Republic into a major war?

— I think that actually Kiev is not counting on victory and destruction of the DPR and LPR, — said political analyst Sergei Markov.

— He puts over local goals. First — check during the fighting, the combat capability of the army.


Alexey Polybot: — When was signed the “Minsk-2“, Vladimir Putin said that “Minsk-3” will not. Does this mean that in case of occurrence of the Ukrainian army in the Donbass and the mass death of civilians, Russia will intervene and militarily will make Kiev to stop the war?

— I think that Putin, saying that “Minsk-3” will not, in the first place talked about the fact that this is the last chance to resolve the conflict in Ukraine without a great civil war.

Russia certainly has the Donbass assistance. But here whether provided military aid to the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s Republic was able to liberate the territories of Donbas which are now controlled by the Ukrainian security forces is an open question. Even harder with the rest of the South-East of Ukraine. It’s no secret that the majority of the population in Kharkiv region and other South-Eastern regions would be happy to share the fate of the Crimea. But they categorically do not want war, because you know what she turned back for Donbass. (…)

Delays in payments of wages in the country have been increasing for several months in a row.
From: etoonda, 2016-03-19 14:03:00

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According to Rosstat, overdue arrears of wages in Russia amounted to 1 February 2016 4,332 billion roubles, having increased for January by more than 760 million rubles or 21% (as of 1 January, the figure was 3,572 billion rubles.)

The number of organizations having arrears of payroll of employees, amounted on January 1, 463, and on 1 February 525.

The number of employees to whom the organisation has overdue wage arrears, amounted on the 1st of February 74,275 thousand, exceeding the indicators of the beginning of the year on 8371 people (1 was 65,904 thousand)

— It’s just a mess — said Georgy Fyodorov, a member of the public chamber of the Russian Federation and President of the center for social and political research “Aspect”. — The state is now in a terrible state, crisis, I believe that the state should intervene to stop such cases, if we don’t want to be back in the 90s when I was the deepest crisis and poverty. If the state does not put before itself the task priority, the situation will only get worse. People, organizations that do not pay employees ‘ wages, should incur a serious responsibility for this crime. Yes, that’s a crime, because is the same as depriving people of money earned cannot. For example, if our officials of accumulation, and these events are not particularly affected by, ordinary citizens of such savings is not, and for them the deprivation of the income equivalent to death. (…)

Son Rogozin will become the Deputy head of the property Department of the Ministry of Defense
From: PolitShturm, Mar. 18th, 2016 at 2:43 PM

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“A Holy place is never empty”: the son of Russian “defense” Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Alexey, on March 21, moves to the Ministry of Defence, where will take the post of Deputy Director of Department of property relations.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that previously the Department was headed by the infamous Eugene Vasiliev, convicted on charges of fraud in the Defense Ministry when it was headed by the now-amnestied (!) Anatoly Serdyukov (who is now a candidate for the Board of Directors of defense enterprises UMPO) and then released (not surprising, right?) on PAROLE. (…)

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