Who The Hell Commands Putin? It’s Obvious, Open Your Eyes, Please…

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A lot of information and a lot of irony on illusions under which Russian society lives thanks to the (in)famous Kremlin’s Matrix spell.

Morning surprise
From: ruscesar, Mar 16, 2016 at 19:46

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While the others are indignant and thrown into the air cap, I want to congratulate the resident Putin with a brilliant execution of the next job.

When Pieskov a month ago explained why Kissinger some personal business in Russia, which should definitely discuss with Putin, Kisilev passed his Kremlin chief in a few weeks:

The ceasefire in Syria: Putin agreed with Obama

The Report turned out pretty powerful, as the United States and Russia jointly rule the world, and Russia makes it even cooler. Let’s not ruin the illusion of six, – we are concerned with a purely Mercantile interest: what private Affairs had Kiss in Moscow?

Thank you, Kiselev, of course, we had no idea that Kiss came to talk for Syria, we thought the Kiss had some personal problems and Putin uses it as a free psychoanalyst. We believe in gift watch of Peskov. (…)

Why Russian Jewish Congress is not a foreign agent?
From: ruscesar, Jul 23, 2015 at 22:20

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Read Kassad about Kozyrev, and, in truth, nothing is.

Kozyrev was a member of the working group which prepared the tragic Belovezh Accords, which gave the start to the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

It’s no big deal. Capucines Markov also was a member of this group.

Kozyrev supported the bill on the Supreme Council in 1993.

And Putin who have supported in the 91st and 93rd? Won the Minister of defence of the current machines were given personally to the execution of the Supreme Council and not a patriot.

That those that the current – brands couldn’t be put. All were involved in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the plundering of his legacy.

What you want to. This NIT Kozyrev was a member of the Presidium of the Russian Jewish Congress. Not just anyhow what member and of the Presidium.


you Can walk through and learn, for example, that the same Albats – was listed as a member of the Public Council of the Russian Jewish Congress.

Asmolov worked to reform our education. Remember his face smacked with the Yeltsin era, which tells of the horrors of the Soviet system of education and what freedom of development of personality carries Western.

Names wonderful: Ganapolsky, Nevzlin, Gusinsky , Gontmakher (this is the one that INSOR, but now with Kudrin).

Putin’s chief propagandist Soloviev and his childhood friend the member semibankirshchina Misha Friedman.

And there is a name recently planted under house arrest Melamed – the right hand of Chubais. I once wrote about him and his machinations, Chubais and Putin after the famous story on TV: The CIA and nanotechnology.

A meeting with the head of alpha Bank Peter Aven

(Click to enlarge) Vladimir Putin and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the banking group “Alfa-Bank” Petr Aven discussed the situation in the banking sector and the ongoing activities of “Alfa-Bank”. (…)

The Syrian plan Kissinger
From: ruscesar, Jan 24, 2015 at 11:30

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I have a lot of publications gave a strange relationship former Secretary of state and Putin. What about just meeting in January 2012 in the midst of pre-election anti-American hysteria ended a week after the elections the establishment of NATO bases in Ulyanovsk. This love was inherited from perestroyka Primakov, whom Kissinger had mentored since Soviet times. None of the informal American worker does not make as often trips to our country, was adopted at the highest level to talk about the weather. The last time Kissinger came to love and still talk with Sergey Ivanov. By an amazing coincidence, Ivanov last year became the speaker of the Kremlin to the West, voicing in English a lack of ambition and peace-loving policy of Russia.

What are the lyrics himself issued Kissinger!


In recent years, Russia sought to demonstrate their progressiveness, so it is unlikely that the conflict in Ukraine included in the plans of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the former U.S. Secretary of state, the guru of American foreign policy and Soviet studies Henry Kissinger in an interview with CNN: “we Need to ask ourselves the following question: Putin spent $ 60 billion on the Olympics. Were the opening and closing ceremonies, which sought to show Russia as a progressive state. Incredibly, that after three days he would attack Ukraine”. According to G.Kissinger, Putin was forced to respond to events in Ukraine, which “out of control”: “I don’t think he planned to bring Ukraine to the crisis. I think he was expecting a gradual development of events, and now it’s a response to what he considered an emergency situation. But I think we must first solve the Ukrainian crisis and then to discuss relations between Ukraine and Russia”.

Kissinger stressed that Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Joseph Brodsky, with whom he was personally acquainted, “was interpreted in Ukraine as part of Russian culture”.

Such a lawyer search! Just ducky, I will not say that “ardent anti-adviser” and “war criminal”.

He’s also a Nobel peace prize laureate, member of the Bilderberg Club, doctor of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian foreign Ministry and the right hand of the Rockefellers: member of the Board of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the adviser owned by the Rockefeller Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank (today Chase) and a member of the Chase”s International Advisory Committee.

Where did he get this passion for our country? Are you sure that this is our country? (…)

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