Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 17

2014.11.09 – 2016.03.17

K: To be continued…

Vladimir Putin as “Corrupt standard”
From: rufabula, March 2, 2016

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Ivan Chumakov – a politician, an expert on economic policy and investment

Why is it so bad to live in Russia and who’s to blame? Simple question, difficult to answer an ordinary Russian citizen. Kremlin propagandists are trying seriously to raise this question, they prefer to give their audience a ready-made solution puzzles. It usually boils down to the assertion that “all the fault of the external enemy”.

Delivering the message to the Federal Assemblyat the end of last year, Vladimir Putin lamented: “For 2014, the investigative authorities opened nearly 200 thousand criminal cases on the so-called economic crimes. Before the court reached 46 thousand from 200 thousand, 15 thousand cases fell apart in court. So, if you think that sentence ended only 15 per cent of cases! The vast majority, 83 per cent of entrepreneurs, which were criminal cases, fully or partially lost business. That is, they have oppressively, robbed and then released.” Recently, at a national conference of judges, the President told about the plans of the Russian authorities: “Not less important theme is to put a barrier to those who use criminal prosecution as a “cudgel” in corporate disputes, conflicts or, as they say, fight or to take property from the rightful owners.”

Frankly, to hear that from the lips of a man who is the founder of the all-Russian movement of corrupt officials in Russia, comical and disgusting at the same time. Recall the history of Russia when Putin came to power: at that time did not exist a centralized system for comprehensive domination of officials-security officers in all areas of life. (…)

Why the Russian government is inefficient: the “New Course” or the way to the bottom?
From:, 01 March 2016

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Alexander Odintsov — the economist. Author of several publications on Economics, Finance, politics, history of Economics, including two books. Professional interests: Economics, Finance, the theory of crises, economic and regional development, risk management, policy, economic history, history of economic reforms.

“Fate has treated Russia harshly, her ship sank, when the harbour was no more than half a mile”. Winston Churchill (talking about 1917).

“To avoid catastrophe, it was necessary to change the principle of governing the country, calling to power people who enjoyed the trust of the people….Horrifyingly, but the government…prepares the revolution,…use all possible measures to make as many unhappy…”. Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich, from the address to the Emperor Nicholas II4.02.1917 G.


The people support the foreign policy course of the President and his Patriotic rhetoric, but he is not satisfied with economic course. According to indicators the approval of the authorities of the Levada center, the curve with the question “are we heading in the right direction” for the past seven months, fell down: c 06.2015 on 01.2016, the number of “Yes” answers dropped from 60% to 45%; the number of “Yes” answers to the question “are deadlocked” over the same period increased from 22 to 34% (!). Growth — 47% over 7 months, with this trend by August 2016, the number of negative reviews can be up to 50% (!)

Further, similarly, the number of respondents is critical of the Government’s activities over the same period rose from 37 to 48%, the activity of the Duma — from 44% to 57%; not approving the President’s policy — from 10 to 18%. The vote among Internet users is even worse, to the question of the site “the day Before” about the cause of the crisis — 86% response — the inefficiency of the authorities. It seems “Patriotic” lift already does not compensate for the internal crisis: the smoke cleared.

Such processes were observed in Tsarist Russia, when the system did not support not only the people, but a large part of the intelligentsia, a considerable part of the generals, elites, and even some of the clergy and members of the Imperial family. As a result, the part of the elites betrayed the Emperor II. An increasing number of citizens start to feel nostalgia for the USSR. According to the surveyThe Levada center for a planned economy 52% of respondents voted and for an economic model based on private property and market relations — 26%.


Anatoly Nesmiyan (El Murid) on the origins and the future of the war in Syria
From: Nation News, 19:43 29.02.2016

(Click to enlarge) Visiting — a leading specialist in color revolutions and the Middle East Anatoly Nesmiyan

Why pan-Arabism is no future

Dmitry Zhavoronkov:

— The Arabs are quite homogeneous in many ways the people, but the people divided, as, for example, and the Russian people. How relevant today is panaramitee aspirations of the Syrian authorities, the Egyptian authorities, the Baathists? …We remember that Egypt and Syria were a single state. Damascus is largely lost due to the fact that exempted from visas and ran it all to the Arabs. Many bad people have to get there from Jordan, Lebanon or Iraq. If this pan-Arabism today, is it possible for some join against Israel or the IG — on the basis of the same religion?

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Anatoly Nesmiyan:

— The Arab nation, the Arab nation still has not emerged. It’s ironic, but similar examples are many. The same Georgians can agree on that, but the Georgian people, with all its history, as it did not as one people. Georgians always says that he is a Swan or agaric or Ossetians…

Tribal thinking. The Arabs had it too.

— Yes, but this is logical, because in the mountain country people have to live with the clans, and tribal relations, for all their civility remain the basis. First, because clan identity (mangrel), and then the nation (Georgians). The same story with Arabs. Arabs as a single nation no. Proof is the collapse of all these unifying, Baathist, including, movements, ideologies… an attempt was made to create the United Arab Republic from Syria and Egypt, there is still Yemen was supposed to participate. A couple of years that state fell apart.Tribal division seriously affects all these unification processes. And not only in Syria or Iraq, whose borders are artificial and imposed by the colonizers. In the countries that were created naturally, as Saudi Arabia, are also strong intra-clan, intra-tribal conflicts. Saudi Arabia is currently going through a very difficult period when these contradictions may at any time break, this probability is quite large.

— Pro-Arab aspirations we, thus, can forget, especially now that due to the activity of the Kurds, the US, Turkey, ISIS, Syria, the last such Pro-Arab entity could collapse, it can be divided, how divided postwar Germany into zones of occupation. American troops went to Ein-al-Arab and Kamishli near the airbase they are building. Heard about Russian military advisors in kamishli province of Hasaka. I was in kamishli: no training creating our base not seen, but about Russian advisors also heard.Naturally, the Western media mentioned it as an airfield Kamishli, which is right next to Turkey it will be, say, a military airfield.

— If it will, then this will be the airfield jump. (…)

As we Rob
From: Zavtra, 25 February 2016, by Sergey Glazyev, Alexander Nagorny

(Click to enlarge) crooked mirrors of the international financial system

About the reasons for the continuation of the strange macroeconomic policies of monetary authorities, which today do not criticize just lazy, and the business will literally carry it away from her feet, turning and leaving the Affairs of the country, we talk to prominent Russian scientist-economist, well known to our readers, — the academician of the RAS Sergey Yu. Glazyev.

“TOMORROW.” Sergey, you were repeatedly subjected to ongoing macroeconomic policy in a fair and devastating criticism, offered science-based reasonable alternative. Argued that are seeing today in the economy, the crisis caused by the incompetent actions of the monetary authorities. Your position is supported not only by academic scientists but also entrepreneurs, engineers, Directors. Why do you think nothing has changed, and the country continues suicidal economic policies?

Sergey GLAZYEV. Understand that the economic policy has always been the resulting economic interests. No matter how excelled the apologists, as representing the current policy is objectively justified, based on knowledge and pursuing public goals for increased production and welfare, in reality they protect the interests of that part of the ruling elite who held a favorable policy regardless of its consequences for the people and the national economy. (…)

From: m_kalashnikov, November 9th, 2014, 02:46 pm

(Click to enlarge) Caption: Time to begin cleansing! From 5th column

TO China management – the lot of engineers are pragmatists, in Russia everything is run by “zombie market”. View the national futurist

China is rapidly overtaking the Russian Federation on the part of high-tech innovative companies. From 2003 to 2012, China’s share in global high-tech products rose from 8% to 24%. My friend from Odessa, visiting China for work, sends me news about the success of the PRC on high-tech field. Young reformator (derived from Chubais-shchina) Gref, Sberbank’s chief, recently stated: the Russian Federation – in the ass, but in China the government raised a giant electronic “it” industry, “Huawei”. We would, like, so!
Will you knock it off! Throw away all the political correctness and speak directly. The reason for the growing backlog of the Russian Federation of the PRC in one factor: control. At the helm in China, engineers are pragmatists. In RusFederation – market “zombie” strange qualification. That’s all (in the eyes of the national-futurist) cause. The Chinese act as Maxim Kalashnikov in his books dreams. (…)

(Click to enlarge) From China’s Tianhe-2 Retains Top Spot on List of World’s Top Supercomputers

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