Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 16

2016.01.16 – 2016.03.18

K: To be continued…

“The spirit is the main thing in the war”: a siciere conversation with the Head of DPR
From: News Front, 17 March 2016, 22:31

(Click to enlarge)

The actual interview with Alexander Zakharchenko

Alexey Chesnakov: — more than a year after the signing of the Minsk agreements. Most of them never met. And all 2016 only about them and will be discussed. Reporters are wondering, the analysts offer mutually exclusive options. The Russian is alone. Ukrainian – other. However, Moscow and Kyiv determine what needs to Donetsk. It has its own specificity, its own dynamics or inertia – as who wants. In the end policy needs to consider not only the objective circumstances, not only external developments but also internal logic of development.As You in these circumstances to see the future of Donbass and Minsk process?

Alexander Zakharchenko: — In order. If speaking about the Minsk process, the past year was a year of frustrated expectations. And this applies to all, probably. Kiev had expected that we can not cope with the management and economic blockade, will lead to starvation, causing us to give up.

Europe had expected that somehow it will take care of themselves.

The US expected that Russia will change its position and under the pressure of sanctions, “rent”, that is us.

Russia had hoped that Europe will try to conduct a little independent policy will have real pressure on Kiev and will cease to call black white.

We too were deceived. We expect that Kyiv after military and diplomatic defeat in recognition of its systemic economic and political crisis will sit down at the negotiating table and will be guided by common sense, and not ideas of Bandera or the interests of other countries. Alas.

In fact, next year we going in a circle, were almost in the same place. But just want to say that we do not lower hands and patience we have. We are ready to continue. (…)

The I/O Session-2
From: alex_leshy, March 17th, 17:12

(Click to enlarge) From left top, clockwise: “Do not send S-300 to Syria; OK; Hallo, Shoygu, get ready S-400 for sending”

Original taken from zl0bster2 in the I/O session-2 Coming to the end of the second day of rampant supported by a worldwide community of the order of Putin “plum” (crossed)\”the escape” (crossed)\a reduction in the number of VC groups in Syria. Were taking place in Geneva within-Syrian negotiations in the North of Syria began some very late action the Kurds in Latakia “greens” tried to take back one hill. In Hmieymim it was raining. Nothing boded trouble.
And then it happened! (…)

Russia. It’s all fucked…
From: hitriy_plan, February 29th, 10:33, by volk1_donbass

(Click to enlarge)

Original taken from a_nikonov in Russia. It’s all fucked…
In 2008 Gazprom was worth 365 billion $, and its head under the patronizing smile of the President promised the Russians to bring the company’s value up to 1 trillion in six years. It’s been eight. As a result Gazprom is now worth… 41 billion $. For comparison, Apple is worth 619 billion $.

– Thus “Gazprom” accounts for 22% of our GDP, that is, such companies have on the fingers can be counted. But Apple is in the U.S. GDP is a tiny fraction of 3.2%.

– In 2013, Rosneft bought TNK-BP for 55 billion $. And now engulfed BP Rosneft worth… 39 billion $. The brilliant success of Putin’s cronies-managers!

– Putin had dreamed of “doubling the GDP”. Failed. (…)

Putin’s Syrian adventure is crap, but at least got away it’s too late…

(Click to enlarge) Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad waves as he arrives for 65th army foundation anniversary dinner in Damascus

1. Putin withdraws troops from Syria – saying that goals are achieved.
Official objectives were:

a) the Defeat of ISIL is that it should not come to Russia. The goal is not achieved – the ISIS is not defeated, and the troops already displayed.
b) Salvation Assad. Yes, while there’s a truce, but after the Russian attack fighters will resume and Russian troops without Assad is doomed. And no election involving Assad, of course, will not (whatever promised Putin).

But the real target is Assad drain on the Minsk scenario to reconcile with the West (Assad exchange for the lifting of sanctions).
I’m the one who claimed that the Minsk scenario in Syria is impossible: (…)

Crimea is ours: Russia has no borders, Russia has only the horizon…
From: Novorossia, 27-02-2016, 14:29

(Click to enlarge) Caption: “This is not independency”

On the day of the anniversary of the return of the Crimea to Russia we decided to do a little historical research, why the Russians did not want and cannot be embedded in the “Western world” on their terms, in a subordinate status…

The history of the Slavs with the West is the history of struggle of different Slavic peoples against the invaders and oppressors. Crusades, conquests, forced assimilation, theft and attempted genocide.

This story begins at least since 1147, when the Western crusaders took the first crusade against the Polabian Slavs. (…)

Tell our dear friend Putin…
From: volk1_donbass, February 1st, 2016, 08:36 pm

(Click to enlarge)

I don’t know, maybe in the Kremlin there is no Internet. Maybe Putin has included some incorrect Internet, and he doesn’t know what’s going on in the world and in Donbass in particular. Maybe Fedorov rightly says that around Putin have gathered some liars and deceiving the President, cheat, cheat… And he doesn’t know the real picture of what is happening. (…) Tell our dear friend Putin that I’ll present below. The battle of Stalingrad lasted 200 days and nights (…) And what in the Donbass? And in the Donbass, some 100 thousand Nazis Mr Putin could not win already in 535 days! (…)

From: russorum, February 16th, 2016, 10:00 pm

(Click to enlarge)

Recently in the Internet appeared the news that Latvia is prepared to abandon the Russian schools. The reform implies a complete rejection of the teaching in Russian, the Union and the abolition of the schools in Russian-speaking regions of the country and complete transition to instruction in Latvian. The new government is already developing a unified educational standard, which will be included in this measure.This means that Russian citizens of Latvia, who constitute the largest national minority of the country (26.9 per cent of the population, or 557 thousand persons) becomes the speaker of livestock, depriving the chief wealth of all Russians language! (…)

From: volk1-donbass, January 16th, 2016, 09:47 am

The Day Of The Triffids “Granite”

Published on Jan 15, 2016 – Light memory of Soldiers of Donbass.

Putin, Lavrov, Surkov, Naryshkin, Valentina Matviyenko and other… Yes, today you can hide his crime before the Russian people and history, to protect them from the courtiers of the media.

You can cheat one person always, you can fool all once, but to fool everyone always impossible!

And to whom how not you, to know what consequences the court of people and history. You behind closed doors in minsko, Paris and Kaliningrad decide the fate of six million of Donbass with your American hosts, not even bothering to hear the Donbass and spit on his choice, dictated by the precepts of their ancestors – to live honestly and in a single Russian state.

What was written by your lackeys? “You need all of Ukraine?” But don’t you go to the Kremlin to hand over all of Ukraine. It’s a shame you crawl in Kiev and Minsk to take the Donbass. At least you understand that you betray not only the living?

Together with you betray Donbass 833 thousand Russian soldiers who laid down their lives in the battle on the Mius-front. You betray generations of people who built our country and who will live after us. You change the memory, the will, truth, hope, faith and love. And side with the forces of evil, with him offering to put up all the great Russian people.


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