Heavy Fighting And “Cho”? Oh, Well, “Nicho”! More 200s and 300s. BTW, Spring’s Coming…

Novorossia Department

Military reports of Novorossiya (17-03-2016)
From: cassad.net, 17-Mar-2016, 22:54

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Military reports of the DPR and LPR on the evening of 17 March 2016. Messages from VSN, voenkov and locals.

17.03.16. Summary from war correspondent Ruslan Lyapina.

Donbass in the fire: Donetsk loses connection, fighting for Yasynuvata, in Zaytsevo – red level. Continued fierce fighting with heavy artillery for Yasinovatsky interchange, according to local residents under Spartacus may fell the Hail, in zaytsevo declared red level of danger and residents hear the sounds of battle from the cellars, nastigayut fighting in the Staromikhaylovk and Trudovskaya.

In the area Yasinovatski post almost all day fighting with mortars and heavy artillery. With the onset of dusk activity of battle only intensified. According to residents of Yasinovataya and Makeevka, you can clearly hear the use of artillery and heavy artillery, as there are specific outbreaks, it was reported about the fire.

At the moment, more accurate information do not have.

In turn, the APU was already hard crying to reporters about the loss. According to them, they have their entire two. Oddly enough, this is not honor and conscience, and under the Avdeevka killed by a sniper and wounded a driver while trying to assault zaytsevo action.

Where are the others killed and wounded? Nowhere, as always, Ukrainians have no losses.

Meanwhile, it was reported about the disappearance of communication in frontline areas of DPR. So, “Summaries of the militia” report that Ukrainians all over the front line, from Luhansk to Mariupol produce suppression of cellular frequencies. This is done to reduce the speed and number of messages about feeding them to the “line of contact” equipment and ammunition, which over the last three days has increased significantly. Heavy artillery guns and systems are already in potential firing positions. List the parts don’t make sense – all down the line.

Suppression of cellular network in this case is not an effective measure, as intelligence is pretty quickly establishes the location of enemy vehicles.

However, as emphasized by war correspondents, it creates equal minimal disruption for both parties, but primarily for the civilian population.

Today it was restless and in other parts of the front. Fighting with artillery broke out near the village of Spartak, according to eyewitnesses, there is the APU used MLRS multiple times. From mortars were fired on the positions of the armed forces of the DPR in the area of Staromikhaylovka and settlement of Trudovskiye.

In the suburbs Gorlovka all day from 11 am to 11 PM under heavy fire from 120-mm mortars, machine guns and LNG was Zaytsevo. In the end, there was declared red level of danger.

There was upheaval in the Western direction, which periodically or RPG, or LNG, or AGS. “Northeast — you yellow threat level, be careful” — reported in “self-Defense Gorlovka”.

At the same time, the Kiev authorities declared that can refuse participation in the next Minsk talks and elections in the Donbass will not be the next two years, which completely kills the initiative of Germany and France and speaks already solved the issue with a full-scale war. One question remains — when?

Our military experts: Alexander “Varyag” Matyushin and Konstantin Shchemelinin say, what to come in March and April, when the roads reigns spring thaw is an elaborate form of suicide, and at least until the end of April, most likely in the summer a full-scale assault will not happen.

At the same time, this does not exclude point strikes using all types of weapons, as is currently happening in the area Yasinovataya and Zaytsevo.”

17.03.16. Summary of the war correspondent from Marina Kharkova.


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