Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 15

2016.02.17 – 2016.03.17

K: To be continued…

Uncovered another fact of financing a coup
From:, Yesterday, 02:42

(Click to enlarge)

In the investigation of criminal case on the fact of organization, participation and calls for mass riots, accompanied by violence to the authorities, which occurred on 6 may 2012 on Bolotnaya square in Moscow, investigators of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation together with the operational staff of the MIA of Russia on March 10, searched in the home of Natalia Pelevine, which is the responsible Secretary “of the Independent Council for human rights”,as well as the founder and Director of an American non-profit organization “Democratic Russia Committee” (international Committee for democratic Russia”).

Chinese recipe: “alternative economy”
From:, 15-03-2016

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While passions run high on Syria, the most important point in the app world powers in Beijing quietly announced a plan for the upcoming five-year plan. This is a milestone in China’s economy may badly change the world. On the background of the global crisis, China is changing its strategy: he goes to foreign markets. All, the slogan “China is world’s manufacturing shop” has outlived its usefulness. The Chinese government now intends to build a society “middle-class”. For this entire model of the economy needs to be restructured and reoriented the domestic market. Beijing intends to reduce funding for production while other countries do everything to build up. (…)

K: Putin has read the post, you bet! His face of Economic Whizz Kid betrays all his feelings:

(Click to enlarge) From Syrian tack

The Ministry of defense of Ukraine or the calculator is broken, whether the reason
From:, 28-02-2016, 12:00

(Click to enlarge) “What fucked you up?! Again watching Moskals’ serials? Off to change your diapers!

We all remember how Peter Poroshenko declared that Ukrainian army is the strongest on the continent and immediately requested military aid from the West. And if other politicians were accompanied by these statements only grins and pokracovanie finger to his temple, Ukrainian officials blindly believed in the words of its President and fanatically continue to support this myth. (…)

Why Putin Russia is much worse than Hitler?
From: burckina_faso, February 27th, 19:00

Recently all patriots and care about their country, people were impressed by the footage of the destroyed Stalingrad tractor factory, which now looks worse after the bombing than the Germans 1942:

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And here is how it looks now, under Putin:

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Looking at these pictures I want with a bitter pathos to shout that for the Volga land for us there is no retreat and nowhere more than us. And where further retreat? And so all passed! How we can let these traitors and criminals, entrenched in the Kremlin under the Vlasov flag, mock our memory and our shrines? Because of the Stalingrad tractor plant is sacred to every patriot of great Russia. It is the symbol of heroism and a symbol of our Victory in the great Patriotic war of 1945. So why do we allow these scum are so easy to destroy our shrines and industrial base of our country? And is it the only one that destroyed their plant? As documented can confirm the official statistics, about 35 thousand closed factory since 2005: (…)

The main tragedy of Vladimir Pozner
From: maxfux, February 27th, 19:03

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Obviously talented and intelligent, well-read journalist. Probably a good family man. But behind all this success, in my opinion, is not noticed, the main problem with Posner. His main tragedy. Speaking to the audience in Minsk the other day he said true things, of course, is debatable, but the right to such a view, indeed. (…) It seems to me that the main problem, and maybe the tragedy of Posner, he’s really not a patriot. (…)

K: Below old text, but about what happened few days ago. 😦

Betrayal – a favorite pastime of the current administration of eReFii
From: Eduard Communist, February 24th, 0:28

(Click to enlarge) Top: Fall/Autumn 2015, to the South; Bottom: Spring 2016, backwards
From I looked out the window and the Rooks have arrived!!

Immediately after Assad arms were twisted and forced him to agree to a “truce”, as there were messages, that airbase Hamim established a focal point for reconciliation. That is, Assad will be forced to come to terms with terrorists, including banned in Russia factions Jaish al-Islam, Ahrar Al-sham. With whom the Syrian President refuses to sit down at the negotiating table. Then the question arises. Why are these groups banned in Russia, and Assad with them want to get to change? Wouldn’t it be easier then their activity in Russia allow? Here she’s corrupt and treacherous nature of the current Erefii (RF, eReFia). However, only the naive could be surprised by the next betrayal Kremlinians. Betrayal is the essence of the current authorities of eReFii. Their main motto so to speak. All who have not lost your memory, still remember, how Yeltsin of the Russian Federation forced Milosevic’s hands and forced him to go to “reconciliation” with the Croatian and Bosnian terrorists. Still remember how the “peace policy” of Russia in the Balkans. If you don’t remember, I can recall. She ended the first military defeat of Serbian Krajina by the Croatian army and forceful push of the Republic of Srpska into Bosnia and Herzegovina. (…)

Lavrov on 3 February
From: Eduard Communist, March 15th, 6:30

(Click to enlarge) Farewell Bashar!

“Russian air strikes will not be stopped until we really don’t defeat a terrorist organization: ISIS, “jabhat al-EN-Nusra” and the like. I see no reason to stop these attacks”, — quotes the Minister RIA Novosti. The Review. These words belong to Lavrov, which he pronounced on 3 February. What has changed is that Putin has openly decided to arrange a flight from Syria? What, there all terrorists won? If not, then what the fuck there Les? Assad drain? By the way what I wrote many times. But I why-that many did not believe. (…)

“I misunderstood something? (2)” or “Beautiful Nabiullina-Kudrinskaya article”
From: chervonec-001, 16 March, 22:00

(Click to enlarge)

Origin: Russia has invested in the U.S. national debt of 4.8 billion dollars Here, send fresh justification: Buying U.S. government bonds makes sense It’s funny to read such explanations. And is drawn before the inner eye of Someone Very Important, giving the job to the media as soon as possible to explain to the population that everything is in order and everything is correct… But in fact the answer is extremely simple – the main Russian economists on stupidity or ill will work for US. That’s all. (…)

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