Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 14

2016.03.16 – 2016.03.17

K: To be continued…

The US has allowed Kiev to disrupt Minsk agreements
From: E-News, by Svyatoslav Knyazev

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The Kiev-Washington theater of the absurd goes to the next level. The United States liberated their Kiev proteges from having to comply with the Minsk agreement, which Kiev wishes were taken into account to a greater degree than the proposals of Donetsk and Lugansk. In return, the States want to force agreement with Russia, which, by and large, is not even a direct party to the agreements. The Washington and Kiev the world is not necessary in principle. Under any sauce. And here in the Donbass again, hear the roar of the artillery cannonades and the crackle of machine-gun bursts.(…)

From: Svobodnaya Presa, March 17, 12:24, by Georgy Filimonov

(Click to enlarge) Festive procession in honor of the anniversary of the all-Crimean referendum in Simferopol (Photo: Alexey Pavlicek/ TASS)

Two years from the date of return of Crimea in structure of Russia. Chronicle of the Russian state added a new date, which even after many years will be the symbol of unity of our people. We will remind, on March 16, 2014 in Crimea and Sevastopol held a referendum in which 97% of the population of the Republic voted for reunification with Russia. March 18 in the Georgievsky hall of the Kremlin, an agreement was signed on the inclusion of Crimea and Sevastopol to the Russian Federation. For the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union our country started to grow and not to shrink like shagreen skin.Since the beginning of “perestroika” before the end of the Yeltsin era, we have been retreating, giving ground in foreign and domestic policy. And now started a reverse process. (…)

For six months the army of LNR was added to 6000 volunteers
From: News Front, 17 March 2016, 18:42

Daily Republican military Commissariat on the service takes 50 to 100 volunteers from different regions of the Luhansk people’s Republic, expressed a desire to serve in the ranks of the people’s militia. The main military office of the young Republic had the opportunity to see the military correspondent of the news Agency Front News. (…)

The Ministry of Finance sends money to the States “the barrels”
From: Svobodnaya Presa, 17 March 08:29, by Basil Vanykov

(Click to enlarge) Photo: Sergey Konkov/TASS

Russian petrodollars continue to go overseas In the past year, Russia increased its investments in obligations of U.S. Treasury $ 14.7 billion from $ 82,2 billion to $ 96,9 billion. Such data are contained in the January report of the Ministry of Finance of the USA about other countries investing funds in U.S. government bonds. The maximum filling overseas “potbelly behalf of Kudrin” had for the period of October — November 2014 ($ 108,9 billion) — in one of the peaks of geopolitical confrontation on the background of the introduction of Western sectoral sanctions (including, in respect of the Russian banking sector). (…)

Official Kiev wants war with Russia
From: Novorossia, 2016.03.17 16.41

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Official Kiev, right wants war with Russia, as evidenced by the signing by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko two of the decree about introduction in action of the new Concept of security sector and defence of the state, as well as cyber security Strategy. In two documents refers explicitly to the threat of aggressive action from Russia. And proposes a number of measures aimed at combating this threat. The so-called Ghost of the war has permeated even the air of Ukraine, the more that persons appointed to conduct peace negotiations on the issue of Donbass, openly declare that Kiev just needs to start to fight with Moscow.

Exchange of Ukraine for Syria? With the devil’s thimbles
From: Information Agency “Novorossia”, 2016.03.17, by Valery Korovin

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Some Russian experts after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria said about a possible warming of relations. Like, asked — get, what else you need, let us again be friends.

But the opposite happened — yesterday the Western media and politicians again attacked Russia. Victoria Nuland, the foreign Minister of great Britain, the Washington Post, Bloomberg launched another wave of Russophobia. Their main theses: it is necessary to extend the sanctions, Russia is bad, Russians were frightened of the Afghan variant, chickened and ran, in any case, Russia is evil.

Meanwhile under hysteria in Moscow gathered Kerry and several media outlets reported that he rode back no more, no less for the exchange of Ukraine for Syria.

Why must this development of Russia itself, and whether the West to normal partnership? We asked one of the most famous experts, Director of the Center for geopolitical expertise and a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Valery Korovin: (…)

Republic of Donbass to build a strategy on defense
From: Narodnoye Novosti, 16 March 2016, by Valentin Filippov

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“Ukrainians in the Donbass have a threefold advantage. We can’t attack (them).” Republic of Donbass to build a strategy on defense. The bet is placed on political and economic levers. Standoff drags on for years. Ukraine is trying to crush number, but it has no balls. Army Corps DPR will hold on until the approach of the operational reserve. And military equipment can be purchased from Ukrainian soldiers. About curiosities and tragedies of the civil war shared with PolitNavigator Valentin Filippov good, the terrible and vivid militia and well-known blogger Eugene Cryzhin. (…)

Syria. The Kurds announced the creation of the Federal administration in Syria
From:, 17-Mar-2016, 15:22

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The Kurds announced the creation of the regional Federal administration on the territory they control in Northern Syria. This statement was made today at the Congress of more than 30 political parties in the city Rumeilan in the province of Hasakah. The event was attended by 200 delegates of the Syrian Kurds, Arab, Assyrian, Chechen, Circassian, Turkmen and Armenian communities of several cities. Earlier, the head of mission of the Syrian Kurdistan in Moscow Rodi Osman said that the federalization became a kind of answer to what the Kurds were not invited to participate in inter-Syrian negotiations that are currently taking place in Geneva. In turn, the Syrian government does not recognize the proclamation of the Kurdish Federal region and considers it unlawful, without legal, political, legal and economic forces. (…)

K: Again, the damn f***g Kurds…

USA tied the lifting of sanctions against Russia the return of Crimea to Ukraine
From: Prime, 09:5316 March 2016

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The U.S. state Department spokesman John Kirby said that Washington still does not recognize the legitimacy of the last two years ago, the referendum on accession of Crimea to Russia. The US will not lift sanctions against Russia until, until you have heard the calls to “end the occupation and return the Crimea to Ukraine”, reads a special statement of the state Department, which is dedicated to the second anniversary of the “attempted annexation” of the Peninsula. “We will not accept a redrawing of borders by force in the XXI century. Sanctions related to the Crimea will remain in force until the occupation continues. We again call on Russia to end its occupation and return the Crimea to Ukraine”, —said the representative of US state Department. (…)

Who doubted
From: NE_SKAZU, 2016-03-16 11:10:00

MOSCOW, Mar 16, U.S. state Department spokesman John Kirby said that Washington still does not recognize the legitimacy of the last two years ago, the referendum on accession of Crimea to Russia. The US will not lift sanctions against Russia until, until you have heard the calls to “end the occupation and return the Crimea to Ukraine”, reads a special statement of the state Department, which is dedicated to the second anniversary of the “attempted annexation” of the Peninsula.

On the agenda all the same question – will reach the Kremlin the matter before the return of the Crimea and reparations to the Ukrainian partners under the current government, or they will have to wait for the next king, even more treacherous. (…)

Putin’s speech at meeting with veterans of the Syrian Operations
From: kerzak_1, 2016-03-17 14:38:00

The event was attended by more than 700 soldiers and officers of the aerospace forces, Land forces and Navy, as well as representatives of the military-industrial complex.

Vladimir Putin: Dear comrades! Dear friends!

I cordially salute you all soldiers who took part in operations in Syria. All of you − pilots, sailors, military governments, special forces, intelligence, communications and security, military advisers – had worked smoothly, accurately and clearly. Special words of gratitude to military women. Along with men, bravely and with dignity you have a heavy duty. Your choice of profession and way of life is of great respect. Thank you all for your loyalty to the Fatherland. (…)

Withdrawal from Syria and Putin’s dual realism
From: 4threvolutionarywar | Katehon, March 17, 2016, by Alexandr Bovdunov

(Click to enlarge)

On the evening of March 14th, at a special meeting in the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the beginning of the withdrawal of the Russian troops from Syria. The president said that the Russian troops had completed all their tasks, and the withdrawal should “encourage the peace process.” Why is Russia now trying to get out of Syria, and that will it do next? American Victory? (…)


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