“Vladimir Putin Knows How To Surprise”

Kremlin Betrayal Department

Russia is returning from Syria
From: The Russian Force,

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Ah Yes Putin, Ah Yes the cunning, Ah Yes the master of surprises! Catching everyone by surprise last year to learn of the entry of Russian troops in Syria, Putin managed to dumbfound all now and the news of their withdrawal. And, although the final results of the rapid March of our military to the middle East and returning while it is impossible to sum up – this can be done only after the end of the civil war in Syria – sensational news about the decision of the GDP should, in my view, very welcome.

Russia is returning from Syria — with the shield or on the shield?

Returned recently from Syria, the military correspondent KP Alexander Kotz responds to eight naive questions on the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Arab Republic.

From 15 March on the orders of the Supreme commander begins the withdrawal of the main forces of our factions from Syria.

Why the withdrawal framework of the group right now?

Vladimir Putin knows how to surprise. Especially often amazed by our overseas partners. Judging by the slurred response of the state Department, for Americans, this decision also came as a complete surprise. However, at a certain level, probably is the highest, about this step probably were informed.

Coincidence or not, but the statement about the withdrawal of troops sounded just at the moment when in Geneva are set to resume the inter-Syrian negotiations for a peaceful settlement. In Russia for “selling” the participation of the Kurds. On the eve of the terrorist attack in Turkey almost threatened the start of a dialogue. There is no doubt that the provocation which has set before itself the purpose to disrupt reconciliation in Syria will be continued.I have no doubt that sooner or later Russia would have been accused of violating the terms of the armistice, disproportionate use of weapons, the blow to the “moderate opposition” and Allah knows what. Conclusion group deprives our opponents of this trump. At least for the period of the truce.

Apparently, between the major players in Syria (read Moscow and Washington) there are some concrete agreements that guarantee the preservation of this fragile world. And maintenance of the current regime of Bashar al-Assad until the Syrian people alone to decide his fate. In what format it will occur — need to decide what time of the Geneva negotiators.

Russia, for its part, remains a guarantor of the implementation of the agreements reached with Assad. While not being a direct party to the conflict.

We are coming out of Syria with honor, or with his flag?


Specially for “RUSSIAN FORCES” on the materials Alena Frolova and Mikhail Rostov prepared Max Spruce.

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