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Attention: some expressions are translated wrongly, I got no time to correct today everything. I touched only a few errors, the more blatant ones. Text’s interesting.

Konstantin Dushenov: Russian scenario of the Third world
From:, 7-03-2016, 02:37

(Click to enlarge) Konstantin Dushenov

Not today-tomorrow in Moscow will be the Pope: to accept the surrender of Patriarch Kirill and the entire Russian Orthodox Church. He with Obama will come hard at the same time accept the surrender of Putin and Russia. After that we numbered these with you and put you down in electronic prison camp. And the final triumph of Russophobes and heretics will occur in summer 2016, on the “wolf” eighth Ecumenical Council…

Such conclusions can be drawn by reading the materials some “Orthodox” sites. Religious-canonical insolvency panic these expectations were already pretty much been said on RNL. Perhaps now we can talk about public-political, military-strategic component.

In this area also have enough worries and suspicions. First “Putin merged Donbass”. “Putin pushed Syria to Obama” – here I am, alas, a rhyme to pick up failed… But the meaning is clear: not today or tomorrow Western sanctions and falling oil prices forced the Kremlin, full of traitors like a barrel of herring, to retreat. And to take the Vatican, Washington and Brussels all its geopolitical acquisitions of the last three years.

Unfortunately, these suspicions are not unfounded.

And about the Pope with the Patriarch, and the Ecumenical Council with the concentration camp, and about the traitors in the Kremlin, and about the Donbass with Damascus… the Soil is in deep distrust (not to say estrangement) that occurs between a considerable part of our society and the authority of the same state and the Church in recent decades. We’ve been deceived – deceived cynical, cowardly and indifferently to forget it’s not just…

And yet I venture to present to the readers RNL optimistic point of view. However, my optimism is very relative, as the coming global cataclysms, political and military, in my opinion, a close and inevitable.

Here it is on the military side of the question I would like to discuss today. God bless!


What will be the war in Europe?

After the collapse of the Soviet Union’s active promotion of NATO to the East has created an extensive area of “unacceptable risk” within our state borders and became a direct threat to the national security of Russia. After the adoption of the Baltic States in NATO infrastructure this military unit was at a distance of about 160 km from St. Petersburg and’s the flight time of U.S. missiles to the center of European Russia is now only 1.5–2 minutes.Even tactical aircraft unit may now strike at the most important strategic objects of our country, located in the depth of its territory.

Moreover, today’s NATO are torn Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, the power which belongs to the rabid haters of Russia and of the Russian people. The entry of these countries into hostile military bloc will mean the final collapse of the geopolitical influence of Russia in Europe, and all over the world. South of the Ukrainian bridgehead, along with the Northern, Baltic, perfect for holding boundaries against Russia instant offensive military operations, to respond to Moscow is just no time. Suffice it to say that, coming from these lines, the NATO tanks can be in St. Petersburg for three hours, and in Moscow – in 8-9 hours!

Realizing the importance of retaining these bases, U.S. President Barack Obama in September 2014, said: “the defense of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius as important as the defense of Berlin, Paris and London. Under the pressure of Russia, the Baltic already lost its independence. But with NATO she will never lose her again.”

In 2016, the year the United States decided in 4 times to increase funding for NATO operations in Eastern Europe.

In this regard, the European theater of war today is for the Russian army chief. From that, will we be able to defeat the enemy in the Baltic, on the plains of Europe and in the Caucasus mountains, depends the very existence of our state and nation. Therefore, the Western and southern military districts are equipped with the most modern weapons in the first place.

Starting from 2012 year, on the Western strategic direction deliberately restored military infrastructure destroyed in previous years by unthinking reform. In 2015, the year in the Western military district recreated the famous 1st guards tank army, disbanded by pests-the liberals back in 1999. In was composed of tank Kantemirovskaya and Tamanskaya motorized rifle division and several other formations and units.They will be the first recipients of the latest armored vehicles: tanks “Armata”, self-propelled howitzer “Coalition” infantry fighting vehicles “Kurganets” and “boomerang”, jet systems of volley fire “Tornado-G”…

In accordance with the laws of the modern art of war, Panzer army assigned to the forces acting on the major strategic directions. Even during the great Patriotic war tank army used the headquarters of the Supreme command of the rapid development of the success of the troops of the first operational echelon. They solved the problem by breaking through the enemy defense, the dissection of groups of the opponent, capture and retention of bridgeheads on the major water barriers to approach the main forces of the front.And in modern war the tasks of tank armies consist in defeating the enemy and appropriate reserves, acquisition milestones, and after – in the rapid development of the offensive.

In parallel with tank armies in Russia recreated, and other similar structures. In the North the operational area, for example, recreated 6th Leningrad army of Military-Air Forces and Antiaircraft Defense. As a result of such change for the 2020-th year in the European theater of operations, Russia will be able to concentrate powerful military grouping, which will include thousands of planes and helicopters, tanks and jet systems of volley fire, air-defense systems and electronic warfare systems.Strategic to cover the flanks of this grouping will be hundreds of ships and submarines of the black sea, Baltic and Northern fleets.

To manage the grouping will be from Moscow, from the National Center of Defense. In 2013, the year when the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu for the first time reported the construction of such a Centre, he said: “It will be the Supreme command, the Supreme defence structure of the country, the tool of management of economy of the special period”. In Russia, for all its millennial history such the Supreme command was created only twice, and both times – at the beginning of the world wars. Bet Royal was established in 1914 year led by Emperor Nicholas II. And on July 10 of 1941, the Soviet Rate of the Supreme Command was headed by Joseph Stalin himself…

Russia is preparing for future disasters. To A Major War. Will such a war or not – a question rhetorical. Differences can be only in the timing of when it will start. So to prepare for it already now, not to repeat sad destiny of the first months of the great Patriotic…

“The Norwegian trump” Washington


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