“Putin Has Prevented the Third World War”

Kremlin Betrayal Department

But I do not guarantee you would not vomit reading the Vaseline text. For me it lacks only national fund-raising to erect copper/bronze monument of “Putin Jong Ill”, commemorated to His never-ending Sunny victories. I bet you will be looking at the monument with dark glasses only (to your safety) not to be blinded from the One Who Sheds the Light Upon Russian Society.

BTW. From the first short films showing Russian bombing I have seen imprecise hits – nearly always! Old bombs, from Soviet times, covering everything apart from the objects pointed by drones’ crosses. Nobody protested or expressed disappointments. Or I did not read all the “incorrect” news and “wrong” analyses.

Oh, well, some of the author’s contradictions are amusing, 🙂 e.g. – “…Russia never declared that we will fight for Syrian government troops – we just assisted the Syrians in their hour of need…” 🙂 or “…we have removed the Turkey…”. 🙂

But there’s, at the end of the text, a more interesting part about Ukraine (in red by me). General Usmanov and perhaps Putin himself had to prove Russian value in Syria before fight with Ukrainian army. Wonderful! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Or this one – “…including some of our allies”, ha, ha, ha! Russia has no allies because Putin has no allies! You moron!

The question is how many such generals Russia has in her army?

“Putin has prevented the Third world war”
From: Russian folk line, 16.03.2016, by General Vladimir Usmanov

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General Vladimir Usmanov on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria and saying about this scandalous Protodeacon Andrei Kuraev …

A provincial well-known archdeacon Andrei Kuraev in his blog this assessment of the withdrawal of Russian troops from a military base in Syria:

“It is clear that this is a blow. “March 15 order”, i.e. immediately, not a month. And on the day of the commencement of negotiations in Geneva, depriving Assad’s last trump.

And where a grateful farewell Dr. Assad’s interview on Russian TV? Where historical footage, as he waved the pen flying to the rooks?

I these days learned something military-new: 9 000 sorties and 2000 allegedly killed fighters? Five missions of modern combat aircraft on one of the affected fighters? I had different ideas about the effectiveness of modern aviation…

Glad we’re leaving. But lying is not necessary. About the fact that leaving willingly, reaching all goals and raising high the prestige of Russia in the Muslim world.”

The situation was analysed in an interview with “Russian folk line” Advisor to the Governor of the Kurgan region, General-major, Professor, candidate of pedagogical Sciences Vladimir Usmanov:

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If the Protodeacon Andrei Kuraev something seems, you need to be baptized, as they say in the famous saying. When it binds to two thousand of the killed militants, we need to clarify that the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation spoke about the destroyed terrorists arrived in Syria from Russia and CIS countries. Sergei Shoigu did not specify the losses among the personnel of the ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia. – ML). Of course, from our strikes killed quite a different number of fighters than two thousand.

And who said that Russia pursued only one purpose, placing military forces in Syria? The Supreme commander decided some major challenges, more profound than the destruction of Muslim radicals. The question was urgent: whether to be saved of the Syrian Arab Republic or destroyed? And our President Vladimir Putin did everything to transfer the direction of armed struggle in the political process. At least, the Syrian opposition agreed with the need together with Bashar al-Assad to seek a way out of the protracted bloody nightmare. This is a great victory, for before the intervention of Russia Syrian society was divided – some officers of the Syrian national army fought for Assad and others the opposition. The President of Russia has already done a great thing in Syria.

The world saw how Russia is helping Syria, after the US, the EU, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who wished to use Syrian events in their favor. Didn’t Russia achieve the result? Now the opposition is included in the negotiation process, which began, despite the contradictions and differences. The world saw a shift.

Western people raised the head of the anti-Russian propaganda – supposedly Russia is a nothing, and its President so-and-so. All the world’s media have peddled the claim that the Russian economy is in tatters, and Russia is a failed state, which, according to Obama, is not involved in the global agenda. And suddenly the US President dramatically changed the tone. Of course, many think differently than Obama, but accepted that he defines political world in relation to those or other States. And he spoke differently. Isn’t that a result?

Russia has demonstrated the potential of aerospace forces in a limited composition, to which were added representatives of the Navy. We remember how from the Caspian sea was hit by Calibers. The world saw that came not boys, but men of strong – highly professional experts in their field. Now some will vehemently argue about the return of our group home, as they fiercely argued after sending our troops to Syria. In addition to O. Kuraev we hear many eksperts. But surprisingly, no one listens to serious analysts who, incidentally, are in no hurry to speak publicly with the analysis of our actions. Now pop up making superficial judgments floating in the water, or rather in the hole, because winter has finally retreated. I don’t understand how to hate their Homeland, so to denigrate.

Vladimir Putin is a master of unexpected moves. Only our liberals sang that Syria becomes a second Afghanistan, when the Russian troops left the Syrian territory. However, someone will remain, for our aircraft continue to assist the Syrian army.

The Supreme commander of Russia never declared that we will fight for Syrian government troops – we just assisted the Syrians in their hour of need. Putin’s move a bit cruel, but completely justified from the military point of view. He causes the Syrian army to take more responsibility, for it is impossible to say what the Russians will do everything for the Syrians. I met with the mentality of middle Eastern people in Afghanistan. Don’t want to offend anyone, but it is inherent in the parasitic sense, they say, we are with you, but you fight for us.Vladimir Putin a report on the situation on the spot. I personally know many people in senior positions who have been in Syria and provided operational planning and the conduct of hostilities, including as military advisers. Russia did most of the work. The results of our stay in Syria will appear gradually. And those who would put us spoke in the wheel, change their behaviour, otherwise the Western world will lose face in the eyes of all mankind, demonstrating political and military impotence.

Vladimir Putin is keeping Syria in the political process – is the preparation for the elections. Now we will show that we set the power of the dictator? And the inaction of the other political players will be perceived negatively.

Unfortunately, we are accustomed to rate myself modestly. Russia moved the grouping of the aerospace troops a thousand miles away and was able to ensure within five months. Not having common borders with Syria, effectively we were fighting. Due to our participation in the war in Syria, Russia has again become a mighty and great power. Over the words of Obama, saying that Russia does not shape the global agenda, one can only laugh heartily. Now Vladimir Putin is the architect of the world politics, for he stopped the Third World War. Some time passes and the protodeacons Kuraeva, and a calm, clear-headed politicians and scientists come to the conclusion – in Syria, Putin has prevented the Third World War. This reflects the greatness of Russia, her great spirit – to help the weak.

In this situation deserve all the respect not broken Assad, the Syrian people, Putin and the Russian armed forces. Don’t need to cling to the number of carts and fighters. In Syria, there were things much more important than the destruction of two or three thousand terrorists – we have removed the Turkey and helped the Kurds.

Protodeacon Andrey Kuraev has to do his job and not to invade foreign to the area. If he began to argue on this subject, we need to minimize recommendations, and even more expert assessment. I wouldn’t want to argue with him in theological matters. Let him debating theologians, for example, the Karelian and Petrozavodsk Metropolitan Constantine. Archdeacon feels that is losing influence, so use any information occasion to remind of itself. “Russian folk line”we must give due merit to a Russian soldier, our commander-in-chief and to shout: “Russia, Hurrah!”, and not to dwell on O. Andrei Kuraeva.

The President’s decision will have an impact on Ukraine. If Russia is able brilliantly to conduct military operation in Syria, especially, will be able to fight in Ukraine. Russia cannot put before the choice. The actions of Vladimir Putin, the Ukrainians will come to a conclusion about his determination. Now in Ukraine all need to hide the matches, because our President always reacts nervously to attempts to create armed groups near the Russian borders. No one will allow Ukraine to have them. Obama realized in Syria that we should stop taunting the Russian bear in Ukraine. Syria will have a huge impact on the international architecture in recent years – will not ignite many festering conflicts.

Vladimir Putin has confounded all undecided players, which seem to have been with Russia, but it’s not. It is, including some of our allies. Of course, continue mantra USA for the return of Crimea to Ukraine. Nuland has already said: it doesn’t matter whether the Minsk agreement Ukraine – most importantly, Russia has fulfilled its obligations. But what, may I ask? Nuland understands these issues at the level of O. Kuraev. Let’s list the commitments that Russia had to fulfill. But the U.S. does not wish to establish as the negotiation of the heads of LPR and DPR. Does Putin have to answer? After all, in Geneva we don’t negotiate for Assad. The impact of the Syrian process is immense. That’s the main thing that managed to make Russia and its President Vladimir Putin.

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